Will Windows 8 Survive in the Post-PC World?

A new IDC research report offers little faith in Windows 8's success on connected mobile devices, concluding that in the next four years the Windows OS in general will lose share to iOS and get overtaken by Android.

Google CIO: Don't Fight Consumerization of IT

In a Bloomberg Businessweek article, Google CIO Ben Fried reflects on the benefits of letting employees have their way with technology.

Forrester: No End in Sight for IE Business Slide

Despite Windows dominance and a surge in Windows 7 enterprise upgrades, corporate use of Internet Explorer continues to decline.

How Windows 8 Will Challenge Enterprise IT

Windows 8 will work on more devices, which will create complications for enterprises as the consumerization of IT gathers steam.

Will Skype Be Another Microsoft License Gotcha?

Skype may be a beloved consumer product, but enterprises should beware of sneaky Skype charges, and will need to keep a close eye on Microsoft enterprise agreements to ensure they're not suddenly paying for a service they're not using.

Why We Chose Exchange Online, Not Google Apps

How did Microsoft win over the City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina for an Office 365 migration?

Gartner Tablet Forecast Overlooks Microsoft

Research firm Gartner omits Microsoft from a recent four-year tablet forecast after predicting a Windows Phone 7 surge for the same time period.

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Microsoft Windows Intune: Better Way to Manage PCs?

Windows Intune is a Web-based console where IT administrators can manage the deployment of Microsoft updates and service packs to all PCs, keep track of hardware and software inventory, fix PC issues remotely, manage protection from malware threats and set security policies.

Microsoft to CIOs: Before You Go Google, Ask Questions

If you're a CIO thinking of migrating to Google Apps for your business, Microsoft would like a word with you about what questions to ask your potential cloud provider.

Cloud Computing in 2011: 3 Trends Changing Business Adoption

The various cloud markets and services will start making more sense to business buyers in 2011, according to a new Forrester report, with the midmarket embracing public clouds and enterprises sticking with virtualization as a prelude to private clouds. Here are three significant ways cloud adoption will shift this year.

Microsoft Office 2010 Upgrades: Four Pitfalls to Avoid

From training worries to compatibility woes, fears of business disruption can spread when IT announces a Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade. Avoid these mistakes and your upgrade will be quick and easy.

Microsoft and Tablets: A Failure to Launch Could Hurt

If Microsoft is too slow developing Windows-based tablets, its bread-and-butter enterprise business could soon pay the price, according to industry analysts.

Who's Afraid of the Office 2010 Upgrade? Most Businesses

New research shows that the top reason big businesses are waiting on upgrading to Office 2010 is the new Ribbon interface.

Google Apps and Microsoft: Frenemies in More Offices, For Now

While many paint the Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office question as an either/or proposition, more companies are finding the two products complementary.

In L.A., Google Blowing Big Cloud Marketing Chance

As Google stumbles again in its Gmail deal with the City of Los Angeles, analysts say it's botching a giant cloud marketing opportunity.