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Redmond Got Some Things Right in 2008

Microsoft failed to buy Yahoo or redeem Vista, but the software giant did set its cloud computing plans in motion, deliver on the promises of Windows Server 2008 and generate strong buzz for Windows 7.


Can Microsoft Juggle Three Operating Systems?

2009 will see Microsoft managing three versions of Windows, trying to phase out XP and usher in Win 7 without hurting Vista.

Windows XP: The OS That Won't Quit

Microsoft is ready to move on, but Windows XP -- and its fans -- just won't slink away quietly.

Microsoft's Identity Crisis

Should Microsoft try to be cooler or just Leave the kids alone?

Why I Didn't Skip Microsoft Vista: Security

Microsoft's Windows Vista OS continues to be dogged by a bad reputation, but some recent security reports give it an edge over Windows XP. And some users say security is precisely why they didn't skip Vista.


Midmarket Still Mostly Cool to Windows Vista

Vista still poses challenges for mid-market companies, where IT budget and staffs are stretched tight. Many mid-market IT pros say application incompatibility fears and hardware requirements have stopped them from upgrading, though some are now giving Vista a second look.


Why I'm Skipping Windows Vista: IT Speaks Out

IT pros say they've looked past the "I'm a PC" commercials and Apple taunts, but many still see an upgrade from Windows XP to Vista as too risky a proposition. Here's why.


Vista Fights for Relevancy Against Poor Sales, XP, Windows 7

A weak economy is hurting the sale of Vista, according to experts. They say the popularity of netbooks running XP is cannibalizing Vista sales.


Economy Leads to Windows Laptop Price Drops

Apple's hold steady approach to pricing for its new MacBooks is an opportunity for Windows OEMs to lower prices. And they are doing just that, particularly with netbooks, but economic factors are more the driving force than Apple.

Five Reasons Why Skipping Vista Could Backfire

Though it's tempting, skipping a Microsoft Vista migration and jumping right to Windows 7 could be disastrous for your enterprise, Gartner advises. Here's five points to consider before writing off Vista for its successor.


Microsoft Takes Heat for Double Talk on Windows 7

Microsoft walks a fine line trying to keep Windows 7 technically similar to Vista, while marketing it as "7" to create some distance from Vista's lingering bad vibe. The strategy has already caused some confusion.