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Microsoft and Nokia: 3 Reasons for a Mobile Marriage

Will Nokia team up with Microsoft to put the Windows Phone OS on Nokia's mobile handsets? The idea gained steam last week.

Google CEO Shakeup: Advantage Microsoft in Apps War?

You have to wonder if Microsoft execs were dancing the jig after hearing the news that business-minded Google CEO Eric Schmidt was replaced by 38-year-old Larry Page.

Microsoft Office 2010 Upgrades: Four Pitfalls to Avoid

From training worries to compatibility woes, fears of business disruption can spread when IT announces a Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade. Avoid these mistakes and your upgrade will be quick and easy.

Microsoft and Tablets: A Failure to Launch Could Hurt

If Microsoft is too slow developing Windows-based tablets, its bread-and-butter enterprise business could soon pay the price, according to industry analysts.

Microsoft's Biggest 2010 Missteps

Compared to the turbulent 2009 that saw Microsoft's first widespread layoffs and its worst quarterly revenue earnings ever, 2010 was smooth sailing.

Google Chrome OS: Less is (Not) More

Google's minimalist Chrome OS cloud notebook is not what we need right now. Is Google getting too far ahead of itself?

Six Hot Workplace Trends for 2011

In late 2009, when the unemployment rate reached 10 percent for the first time since the early '80s, everyone hoped that 2010 would be a comeback year.