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Windows 7 Tablet: 4 Ways to Beat the iPad

After Initial mixed reactions, Apple's iPad has caught fire -- but here's how Microsoft can douse the flames.


Ten Ridiculous New Tech Acronyms

OMG, three-letter words are taking over in our fast-paced, multi-tasking society. Blame the technology world for breeding acronyms.

Four Reasons Not to Use Google Apps

Google has made impressive strides with Google Apps, but the online productivity tools aren't the right fit for every business.

In L.A., Google Blowing Big Cloud Marketing Chance

As Google stumbles again in its Gmail deal with the City of Los Angeles, analysts say it's botching a giant cloud marketing opportunity.

Microsoft's Vision: The High-Tech Home of the Future

Microsoft's full-scale model home of the future may seem like science fiction, but its interactive and automated systems may be close to reality. Here's a a virtual tour of The Microsoft Home, nearly every wall and table is a digital device.


What Does Kin's Fate Say for Windows Phone 7?

Analysis: The Kin debacle demonstrates Microsoft's mismanaged mobile strategy and could affect the success of Windows Phone 7.

SharePoint 2010: Four Big-Name Social Networking Rivals

IBM, Cisco, Google and Salesforce all aim to beat Microsoft SharePoint 2010 at the high-stakes enterprise social networking game.

The Latest and Greatest Windows 7 Laptops

The iPad may have arrived with authority, but laptops and netbooks are still very much alive. As Microsoft and its hardware partners prepare for the back-to-school buying season, here's a look the latest Windows 7 machines for work and play, from slim netbooks to big honkin' gaming laptops.

Windows 7 Early Adopters Say Virtualization Key to Rollouts

A common piece of advice runs through recent conversations with companies migrating to Windows 7: test early and often and don't be afraid of virtualization.

Windows Phone 7: 3 Reasons It's Not Just for Consumers

When Windows Phone 7 devices arrive this holiday season, they will be diving into crowded U.S. consumer waters full of CrackBerry addicts and iPhone fans.

Windows 7 Benefits as Budgets Thaw

Microsoft will benefit as the next wave of Windows upgrades begins, but users aren't picking up IE in the bargain, Forrester reports.