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Heroes and Villains of Tech

Here's a look at standout good guys and bad guys -- from passionate heroes who balance profit with innovation and social responsibility to money-mad, egomaniac villains who simply cannot be trusted.

Zune Phone Could Fulfill Microsoft's '3 Screens' Wish

Microsoft's mobile play is still a mystery, but reports about WinMo 7 and a Zune-like Microsoft phone provide new clues.


Office 2010: The Pros and Cons for Businesses

An overview of what businesses will enjoy about Office 2010 as well as the potential headaches the upgrade could bring.

Microsoft Aims Windows 7 Pro at Small Businesses

With Windows 7, Microsoft aims to please both consumers and businesses large and small.

Ballmer in 2010: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Will 2010 be the year the Ballmer era ends at Microsoft?

7 Secret Features in Windows 7

From streaming Netflix movies in Windows Media Center to desktop-theme eye candy to a calculator that does a lot more than just arithmetic, here's a showcase of cool but unappreciated Windows 7 features.

Windows 7 Will Pull Tech Out of Doldrums, Goldman Sachs Says

Businesses' tech spending next year will boster the industry and fuel more spending, a report suggests.

Microsoft's 4 Challenges in 2010

2010 is a critical rebuilding year for the software giant, which must grow its assests and fend off hot rivals.

8 Tips for Safer Online Shopping

Holiday shoppers are flocking to the Web this year in unprecedented numbers. Here's what you need to know to avoid this season's crop of security threats.

Google's Lesson Learned: Good News for Bing?

Analysis: The recent rift between Rupert Murdoch and Google gives Microsoft an opportunity to earn the trust of Google-wary publishers.

Lower PC Prices Pit Microsoft Against PC Makers

Last week, research firm Gartner released a PC sales forecast that initially sounded like good news for Microsoft and its hardware partners, but likely indicates trouble ahead.

Does Microsoft Want You to Hate Netbooks?

A survey published this week by consumer shopping site Retrevo puts Windows 7 Starter on trial for disappointing netbook users who were expecting more features.

Windows 7 Upgrade Struggle Continues

Reception for Microsoft's newest operating system is generally positive, plus some snags and glitches in the upgrade process.


Windows 7: Where Consumers Lead, Will Businesses Follow?

Consumers and business users will adopt the new OS differently.