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Microsoft Office 2010 Pushes Collaboration, Productivity

Microsoft is counting on a more Web-based manifestation of Office to keep from looking like a corporate dinosaur next to Web apps from Google and Zoho.

Microsoft's Windows 7 Upgrade 'Deal' Is a Dud

Sure, companies get five times as many free licenses as with Vista upgrades three years ago. But that was then, and this is now.


Windows 7 Illustrated: 10 Cool Desktop Features

In anticipation of Windows 7 being released into the wild on Oct. 22, here is an up-to-date pictorial guide to the most compelling navigation and networking features of the OS.

Can Microsoft Truly Go Mobile?

Microsoft's Mobile Trouble: Can It Buy Its Way Out?

Office: If it Ain't Broke, Why Fix it?

Microsoft Office is still happily at home at work, dominating enterprise desktops, Forrester reports.

Windows 7: I'm Rolling It Out Right Away

Despite the positive reception of Windows 7 thus far, many businesses still don't plan to deploy Windows 7 anytime soon.


Latest Apple Spots Threaten Viruses and Crashes

Analysis: In reposnse to Microsoft's 'Laptop Hunter' campaign, new Mac ads play virus card, avoid price issue.


10 Must-Have Netbooks, from Super Expensive to Bargain Basement

Here we highlight top-selling netbooks, from the (relatively) high end to the under-$300 range.

Windows 7: What's New in the Last Beta

The release candidate has no radical changes from the initial beta in January, it does have some interface teaks.


How IT Must Prepare for Windows 7

Here are the top five Windows 7 features that IT managers need to understand now.


Users' Vista Experience Delays Windows 7 Adoption

Researchers find companies are not rushing to upgrade to Windows 7, and blaming their caution on Vista.


Why Netbooks Are Not Business Ready

Netbooks have become popular with consumers, but IT pros say they're simply not ready for the enterprise.

Netbook Price War Could Hurt Microsoft

Whether you pay $300 or $500 for a netbook, Microsoft's profits are vulnerable, experts say.

Enterprises Will Likely Ignore MS Office Web Apps

Researcher: Microsoft's online Office apps will appeal to consumers, but businesses have been slow to move to Web-based productivity tools.

Waiting for Windows 7

Will Windows 7 make it "home for the holidays" by year's end?