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HP, Lenovo battle for top spot in PC market

Hewlett-Packard may be pushed aside by a quick-moving Lenovo as the top PC maker in the world, according to a pair of dueling reports from industry analysts.

Presidential debate lights up Twitter and Facebook

The first presidential debate lit up social networks Wednesday night, even staggering Twitter throughout the one-and-a-half-hour debate.

Intel Atom

Intel trying to lessen its dependency on PCs

The unveiling of a new tablet chip is a big step for Intel, which has dominated the PC market but has yet to compete in the burgeoning tablet market where ARM chips dominate.

Facebook to charge businesses to run targeted ads in Offers service

Industry analysts say the move is good news from the company, which has been tarnished since its troubled initial public offering in May.

Intel needs to build PC buzz at IDF, say analysts

Intel needs to generate a lot of excitement at its annual developer conference this week -- not just around the company but around the whole PC industry.

Intel's lowered revenue projections bad sign for PC industry

It's another hit for an industry that has been repeatedly hammered by the growing popularity of small, cool tablets and several years of a slow economy.

Startup Branch Offers Place to Chat

Can another service find a fit in the crowded social networking world? Branch, still in beta, has backers who believe it has found a route.

Custom Ads Consult Your Facebook Likes

Facedeals app will identify shoppers using facial recognition software, then cross-reference Facebook pages to offer targeted deals. Creepy or cool?

'Talking' Smart Cars Begin Year-long Tests Aimed at Accident Reduction

Researchers hope they can sharply reduce the number of car accidents by enabling vehicles to communicate with each other -- and they're putting the theory to the test in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Facebook's IPO Disaster Raises Speculation About Zuckerberg's Future

Talk has turned to whether a seasoned business person could better lead Facebook, while 28-year-old Zuckerberg, with his gray t-shirts and hoodies, could focus on the technology.

NASA: Mars Curiosity Ready to Roam, Shoot Lasers

With the Mars Curiosity rover's science instruments working well, NASA engineers are getting ready for two big tests of their robotic rover.

Pinterest Goes All-in With Mobile: Releases Android, iPad Apps

Looking to get in on the booming mobile market, social network Pinterest has unveiled mobile apps for its pinboard service.

FTC's Fine Won't Hurt Google as Much as Scolding

Analysts say Google's record-setting $22.5 million fine from the FTC is a simple slap on the wrist, but the company takes a hit in the public eye for its bad behavior.

NASA Upgrades Mars Curiosity Software ... From 350 Million Miles Away

Picture doing a remote software upgrade. Now picture doing it when the machine you're upgrading is a robotic rover sitting 350 million miles away, on the surface of the planet Mars.

Facebook Moves to Remedy Mobile Revenue Woes

Facebook is moving to fix one of its biggest problems - finding ways to make money from its growing base of mobile users.