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Google Glasses Link Virtual, Real Worlds

Glasses reportedly will ship to consumers about a year after the prototype Explorer Edition makes its way to developers.

Google Launches Chromebook Retail Push via Best Buy

Google's Chrome OS-based laptops could now be on the shelves of a nearby Best Buy store.

Twitter Downplays Downtime

A cascading bug in one of Twitter's infrastructure components, not a hacker, took down the microblogging site twice this week.

Google's Schmidt Urges Greater Access to Web

The World Wide Web isn't as worldwide as it needs to be, and the gap is getting more pronounced, the search giant's executive chairman says.

Have LinkedIn's Security Woes Permanently Damaged the Social Network?

After last week's breach of the LinkedIn site, analysts are debating whether the attack will cause long-term damage to the social network.

Twitter Looks to Get More Interactive with Expanded Tweets

Users can now see more previews, links and video from desktop or mobile devices.

Apple's Facebook Integration Will Help Both Companies, Analysts Say

Apple announcement that it's integrating Facebook into its operating system software should be welcome news for a social network that's taken a lot of hits in recent weeks.

Berners-Lee Talks up Online Friends and a Social Web

The man who invented the World Wide Web says that the technology is all about being social, so people need to use it to stretch themselves.

Stealthy Robot Mimics Disappearing Cockroaches

By studying the cockroach, researchers at the at the University of California, Berkeley discovered that one of the ways the pests can quickly slip from sight.

Bye Bye Facebook? Analyst Predicts Social Network to 'Disappear' in 5 to 8 Years

Facebook could be a has-been within a few years, according to one analyst. Others aren't as certain that will happen.

Facebook May Welcome Preteen Members

Soon, kids younger than 13 may be able to sign up (without lying about their ages, and with parental permission).

Twitter: Fewer New Users, But More Active Ones

Growth of the microblogging site has slowed, but its users' engagement continues to blossom, according to a Pew report.

Facebook Suffers Downtime; Anonymous Mocks

Facebook has been suffering from intermittent outages since Thursday night and a hacker group is taking responsibility.

Privacy Group Wants Google's Driverless Cars Kept off the Road

A privacy group is calling on the California Assembly to keep Google's self-driving cars off the road.