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Look Out, Google, Oakley's Developing Its Own Smart Glasses

Google might want to use its new smart glasses prototype to look over its shoulder.

Intel Grabs Record Share of Growing Chip Market

Gartner reports that Intel and Qualcomm showed great revenue gains in 2011.

Titanic: A High-tech Marvel of the Time

When the Titanic set sail 100 years ago this month, its state-of-the-art technology included the advanced wireless of the early 20th century.

Employees Push IT to Social Networks

IT execs aim to comply with worker demands to use social networking tools on the job.

Yahoo Firing 2,000 Workers to Save $375M

Yahoo will begin informing employees of the layoffs and 'phased transitions' today.

Flying Car One Step Closer to Delivery With Prototype Flight

A Massachusetts company is one step closer to delivering its flying car after testing a production prototype.

More Companies Are OK With Employees Using Facebook at Work

Workers at AT Kearney connect with their friends on Facebook now and then when they're on the job, and that's just fine with executives there.

Intel Ready to Take on Tablet Chips

Intel is ready to start cranking out chips for tablets, but is the chip maker moving fast enough to boost its presence in the mobile market?

Google Plans to Overhaul Search

Google is planning major changes to its search engine that will make it easier and faster for users to get the information they need.

Google is Off Track, Ex-Exec Gripes

A former Google executive says the company is abandoning innovation and technology for a wrongheaded focus on social networking.

AOL Won't Kill Instant Messenger

Reports of the popular IM service's imminent demise are mistaken, AOL announces.

Speculation Split on CNN Buying Mashable

CNN may be in the process of buying online news and blogging site Mashable, according to reports.

PC Shipments Won't Ramp Up Until 2013, Gartner Says

Worldwide PC shipments are on track for a small increase, but will remain weak throughout 2012, according to the industry analyst firm.

New Apple iPad Kicks PC Industry While It's Down

Tablets, and the iPad in particular, are part of the perfect storm hitting top PC makers; can Ultrabooks boost the competition?

Google is Working on Siri Rival, Report Says

Reports that Google is developing a voice assistant technology that would rival Apple's Siri are circulating.