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Sharon Gaudin covers the Internet, social media, cloud computing and emerging technologies for Computerworld.

PC Shipments Won't Ramp Up Until 2013, Gartner Says

Worldwide PC shipments are on track for a small increase, but will remain weak throughout 2012, according to the industry analyst firm.

New Apple iPad Kicks PC Industry While It's Down

Tablets, and the iPad in particular, are part of the perfect storm hitting top PC makers; can Ultrabooks boost the competition?

Google is Working on Siri Rival, Report Says

Reports that Google is developing a voice assistant technology that would rival Apple's Siri are circulating.

Facebook Redesigns Business Pages, Adds Timeline

Companies and organizations that have Brand pages on Facebook are getting a new look and new features, including the Timeline layout.

Facebook Users Are Getting Meaner

Facebook users are becoming decidedly unfriendly, according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project study released Friday.

MIT Researchers Build Wireless 'Pharmacy on a Chip'

Researchers at MIT have developed what they're hoping will be something of a pharmacy on a chip.

Google May Be Going After Apple With Music Device

With a wireless streaming music device reportedly in the works, Google is working on getting deeper into the home entertainment arena, according to reports.

Most Social Network Users Are Kind, Pew Survey Finds

A majority of U.S. social networking users say their fellow users mostly kind, and that the sites make them feel good about themselves.

Online Shoppers Push 2011 Holiday Spending Up 14 Percent

A lot of Americans took their holiday shopping online last year, which helped push e-commerce spending up 14% in the last quarter.

Wi-Fi in Flight Has Yet to Soar

Launched four years ago, the use of Wi-Fi on U.S. airlines has yet to catch on, with estimates that the wireless technology is still used by only 7% of the flying public.

Will Facebook's IPO Help it Beat Google?

A huge influx of cash could enable the social networking site to topple the search giant, industry and financial analysts say.

Social Media Takes Over the Super Bowl

Remember the days when watching the Super Bowl meant eating lots of chips, hanging out with friends and, most importantly, being glued to the TV?

Social Media Fuels Planned Parenthood Backers in Komen Protest

Fueled by a firestorm of outrage on Twitter and Facebook, the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation has announced it will not cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

Twitter's Time: Campaign Season?

Political candidates who want traction in this year's election had better use Twitter, says the microblog's CEO.

Obama to Do YouTube, Google+ Hangout Interview

Continuing his longstanding use of social networks, President Barack Obama is set to do an interview in a Google+ Hangout on Jan. 30.