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40 Years Ago Today: The Intel 4004 Launches Digital Era

Love your smartphone? How about your laptop, your GPS, your car, even?


Top-Secret Google X Lab Rethinks the Future

Google is running a secret research lab in the San Francisco area where they're building robots and re-imagining the future, the New York Times reported...

Is Google+ or Facebook Better for Business?

For now there's a sense that Facebook may be outdoing Google+ when it comes to giving businesses a place to reach customers.


Facebook Rebounds From May Slump Despite Google+

After Facebook hit a wall and lost 6 million U.S. users last May, the social network has been slowly coming back.

DHS to Set up Policies for Monitoring Twitter, Facebook

When the U.S. Department of Homeland Security receives information about potential threats to the U.S., agents may turn to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Robots Are Taking Mid-Level Jobs, Changing the Economy

Computers and robots will replace humans in enough jobs that they will dramatically change the economy.

Google+ Comes to the Enterprise via Google Apps

Google announced that its new social networking site is now integrated with Google Apps, its cloud-based office suite.'s Second Site Crash Could Become E-comm Nightmare

For the second time in six weeks, Target's Web site crashed Tuesday, and that is scary news for any major retailer heading into the holiday shopping season.

Google: Bidding for Yahoo or Driving up Cost for Microsoft?

The pursuit of Yahoo appears to be heating up as a report Monday added Google to a list of interested suitors already said to include Microsoft.

Google Readies Google+ for Push Into the Business World

Google looks close to unleashing Google+ for businesses. Soon the social network will integrate with Google Apps.

What Does Microsoft Really Want from Yahoo?

Speculation heats up again about Microsoft's real intentions toward the beleaguered search pioneer.

40 Million US Mobile Users Access Social Networks Every Day

There's a good chance that if you didn't access Facebook or Twitter last year, you do today.

Google's Schmidt (Finally) Joins Google+

After being noticeably absent from his company's own social network, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt finally has joined the ranks of Google+ users.

Social Media Revenue to Hit $10.3B in 2011

It's a good year to be a social networking site.

Facebook Buys Start-Up

Facebook has acquired, a start-up that created a Facebook app designed to help users pose questions to online friends.