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Fashionistas Crash Target's Website

Target's Web site is still struggling after it crashed earlier Tuesday when online shoppers flooded the site to get in on a low-priced line of high-fashion clothes and accessories.

Hurricane Irene Blows Away Twitter, Facebook

The social networks lit up with information, resources, and tales of those dealing with the hurricane.

Google+ Adds 'ignore' Option

The social networking site provides an alternative to completely blocking a sometimes annoying Google Circle buddy.

HP's PC Plans Give a Break to Rivals

Other major vendors will almost certainly be looking for a way to get a bigger piece of the hardware pie.

Motorola Mobility Buy Could Boost Google's Enterprise Push

Google has been pushing hard to work its way into the enterprise, but it remains to be seen whether that effort will be aided by this week's acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

Google 'Power Move' Bets on Future of Mobile

Google executives see a great future in mobility, both for computing and for the company, and they're willing to pay a lot for the power they think that will bring them in the mobile market.


Google adds Games to Google+

The popular Angry Birds along with Zombie Lane and Edgeworld are the first to become available on Google's social network site.

Twitter Tweaks Site to Give Users More Info

Twitter rolls out two new features intended to help users find out what's happening on their network that they'll be most interested in.


Google+ On Track to Rival Facebook

Within a year, Google's newest social network will be second in popularity only to Facebook, researchers predict.

Twitter's Facelift is Final

R.I.P. "old" Twitter -- social networking site switches over to its redesign, instead of allowing users to switch between the original and new interfaces.

Google+ Startup Beats Twitter, Facebook

The social networking service is drawing participants and traffic far faster than did its earlier rivals.

Twitter Snags 'Significant' Funding, Looks to Expand Reach

Twitter confirmed today that it has raised a "significant round of funding" that executives hope to use to expand the site's reach.

At One Month, Google+ Already a 'Major Player'

Google+ on Thursday hit its one-month birthday and is already a major social networking player, analysts say


Pittsburgh Looks to Save Money With Gmail Migration

In an attempt to get away from paying for high-priced email administrators, the city of Pittsburgh is looking to save money and move to the cutting edge with a migration to Google Apps.

Shuttle Atlantis Lands, Ending an Era in Space Travel

The shuttle's last mission was focused on bringing spare parts, experiments and equipment to the international space station. This was not only the last space flight for Atlantis; it also was the final space flight for NASA's entire shuttle fleet.