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Sharon Gaudin covers the Internet, social media, cloud computing and emerging technologies for Computerworld.

Google Readies Google+ for Push Into the Business World

Google looks close to unleashing Google+ for businesses. Soon the social network will integrate with Google Apps.

What Does Microsoft Really Want from Yahoo?

Speculation heats up again about Microsoft's real intentions toward the beleaguered search pioneer.

40 Million US Mobile Users Access Social Networks Every Day

There's a good chance that if you didn't access Facebook or Twitter last year, you do today.

Google's Schmidt (Finally) Joins Google+

After being noticeably absent from his company's own social network, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt finally has joined the ranks of Google+ users.

Social Media Revenue to Hit $10.3B in 2011

It's a good year to be a social networking site.

Facebook Buys Start-Up

Facebook has acquired, a start-up that created a Facebook app designed to help users pose questions to online friends.

Twitter Suffers One-Hour Outage

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Twitter, Facebook Flooded With Reaction to Jobs' Death

Tributes to Apple's co-founder continue online and elsewhere Wednesday night.

Google Downgraded on Threat From Facebook

A brokerage and investment banking firm downgraded Google from "buy" to "hold" because of the growing threat from social media companies like Facebook.

Microsoft Tries to Make Hotmail Cool Again With Overhaul

Microsoft announced several new automatic features aimed at cleaning up Hotmail accounts and helping users organize piles of so-called graymail.

Yahoo, ABC Team on News

The news alliance makes ABC News the main news provider on Yahoo News, supplying interviews, stories, and videos to the site's 100 million-plus users.