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U.S. Department of Defense, NASA Seek Ideas for Starship Travel

The U.S. Department of Defense and NASA today issued a call for papers to help in their quest to ensure that humans can start interstellar space travel.

Google's New Search Features Put Pressure on Bing

With Google now touting new image and voice search tools, Microsoft needs to keep up or risk falling behind the evolving search race.


So Far, So Good With World IPv6 Day

With World IPV6 Day in full swing, the test flight of the Internets new communications protocol is going smoothly.

Facebook May Have Privacy Battle on Two Fronts

Facebook said it's working with European Union regulators to resolve criticism about its new facial recognition feature, but trouble may also be brewing for the social network here in the U.S.

Facebook Raring to Give IPv6 a Test Flight

After helping to hatch the plan for World IPv6 Day set for Wednesday, a senior network engineer at Facebook is raring to test the site's reworked network.

So, Why Are Senior U.S. Officials Using Gmail?

Google's announcement that hackers had gone after the Gmail accounts of senior U.S. officials raises a question: What are government officials doing using Gmail?

All Tweet This! Number of U.S. Twitter Users Jumps

The number of U.S. Twitter users jumped in the past year, increasing more than 50%, according to a study from the Pew Research Center.

Amazon Is Ready For Another Deluge of Lady Gaga Fans

Undeterred, gave its Lady Gaga discount another go Thursday.

Twitter Reportedly Buys TweetDeck for $40M

Twitter has reportedly finalized a deal to buy TweetDeck in a deal worth $40 million.

Twitter to Leave Empty CTO Post Unfilled

Twitter CTO Greg Pass has left the company last week and there's no move afoot to replace him.

LinkedIn Shares Jump in First Social Network's IPO

LinkedIn's successful IPO today saw its stock price more than double and its valuation approach $10 billion.

San Francisco Grabs Onto the Cloud With Microsoft

The city of San Francisco announced Wednesday that it is moving workers from multiple email systems to Microsoft's cloud-based email.

Intel May Have a Fight Unseating ARM Chips

The world's biggest chip maker is focusing in on the mobile market, but analysts say ARM is in a great position to withstand any Intel onslaught.

Intel Throws Might Into Chasing Mobile Market and ARM

After years of dominance in computer chips, Intel now is chasing the chip market and trying to redefine its future.