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Intel May Have a Fight Unseating ARM Chips

The world's biggest chip maker is focusing in on the mobile market, but analysts say ARM is in a great position to withstand any Intel onslaught.

Intel Throws Might Into Chasing Mobile Market and ARM

After years of dominance in computer chips, Intel now is chasing the chip market and trying to redefine its future.

Microsoft, Facebook Could Use Skype Against Google

Facebook may not have bought Skype, but the social networking company may still reap the benefits.

Facebook-Google 'Cold War' Suddenly Gets Hot

Facebook's surreptitious public relations campaign against Google shows how intense the competition has become between the two companies

Visa to Launch Mobile Wallet in U.S. this Fall

The new system will support near field communication and non-Visa accounts.


Apple Chip Defection Would Be Slap in the Face to Intel

Online speculation is starting to pick up speed that Apple is looking to ditch Intel chips and move to ARM-based processors for its Mac line of laptops

Twitter Hits Record on News of Bin Laden's Death

Before President Barack Obama officially informed the country and the world that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden had been killed, Facebook and Twitter were lit with news.

Facebook Helps Tornado Victims Find Lost Items

After a devastating round of tornadoes in the south, many people have taken to Facebook to try to find the rightful owners of what could be precious photos and documents.

A Million Email Users Were Affected By Yahoo Outage

One day after Yahoo's email service suffered a partial outage, the company reported that about 1 million users were affected.

Programmer-Turned-Astronaut to Lift Off on NASA's Endeavor

One of the six men lifting off Friday on board NASA's space shuttle Endeavour is a computer programmer who built software for spacecraft before becoming an astronaut.

Royal Wedding Could Be Royal Pain for IT

If your corporate network starts to get a bit sluggish Friday, you might have to blame Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Facebook Looks to Hire 9,400 by 2017

Facebook is looking to hire 9,400 more employees in the next six years, according to reports.

Friendster to Revamp Site, Delete Users' Data

People who use the social networking pioneer have until May 31 to retrieve their photos, blogs and messages.

Facebook Joins Google in Taking on Groupon

Facebook Tuesday added a new service that makes it more competitive with the popular Groupon discount coupon service.

Google's New CEO Won't Change Stance on China

Google's position on doing business in China will not change because of Larry Page's succession as CEO of the Internet search company.