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Amazon Gets 'Black Eye' From Cloud Outage

Analysts say downtime hurts Amazon, and cloud computing.

Amazon Cloud Glitch Knocks out Popular Web Sites

Popular Web sites, including Quora and Reddit, have been hampered or totally knocked out today because of server problems in the's data center that handles the company's Web hosting services.

Obama's Facebook Town Hall a Sign of Times to Come

President Barack Obama's town hall event live on Facebook Wednesday thrust social networking into the political milieu just as the run up to the 2012 election


Twitter Launches Bidding War for TweetDeck

Twitter's reported $50 million bid for TweetDeck comes after months of negotiations between the provider of a popular Twitter client and UberMedia.

Japan Disaster Slows Cell Phone Manufacturing

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan have hit manufacturers of CMOS image sensors, a key ingredient in most mobile phones.


Tablets Continue to Cannibalize PC Sales

PC sales suffered in the first quarter, and analysts are placing the blame on the tablet market and the disaster in Japan.


YouTube Unveils Live Streaming Service

After making its mark with prerecorded videos posted by users and others, YouTube takes its business live.

Google's New CEO: Back to the Future

Added emphasis on social media is just the start; almost everyone is expecting big changes under Larry Page.

New Google CEO Pushes Social Networking strategy

Bonuses will depend on how well the company does on its "strategy to integrate relationships, sharing and identity" across products, new CEO Page says.

New Google CEO Sweeps in With Company Reorganization

Google on Friday confirmed a realignment of the company's management structure that creates different groups whose managers report directly to new CEO Larry Page.

Google Reportedly to Overhaul YouTube

Google's YouTube site is in the midst of an overhaul, according to a Wall Street Journal report Wednesday.

AMD Closes in on Intel With Move to 32nm Chips

Intel may have released 32-nanometer chips first, but rival Advanced Micro Devices has followed suit and is looking to make up some ground.

Japan Disaster Could Boost 2011 Chip Revenue

The disaster in Japan may be a boost to worldwide semiconductor revenue, according to analysts.

Google Uses Gmail for April Fools' Day Prank

Have you started looking forward to controlling your Google Gmail account with body movements?

Facebook Can Turn Friends Into Frenemies

A whopping 85% of women using Facebook say friends on the site annoy them, according to a survey by Eversave, a Groupon-like company that offers users local...