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Google adds voice recognition tools to Google Search

Voice-recognition tools found in Google Now are now available in Google Search.

After a year on Mars, NASA's Curiosity rover changes our view of the solar system

After one year on Mars, the NASA rover Curiosity is changing the way we look at our solar system -- and it may change how we look at ourselves.

Facebook embedded posts good for business

Facebook announced a new program this week that lets websites post public Facebook posts to their sites. And that could be a boon for businesses, says industry analysts.

Artificial intelligence hits preschooler level, study finds

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago wanted to know how smart a top artificial intelligence system actually is. So they gave it an IQ test.

Spacecrafts as small as loaves of bread may study deep space

The tiny spacecrafts would be powered by tiny plasma thrusters says engineers at the University of Michigan who are researching the idea and starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the idea.

Scientists create liquid metal structures with a 3D printer

University scientists have developed a way to use 3D printing to create structures and wires made from liquid metal.

Career-limiting Facebook antics to avoid when job-hunting

Now a new Harris Interactive survey reveals what employers look for and what pictures and posts on Facebook could keep a prospective candidate from getting that perfect job.

Talking robot to blast into space for experiment in human/robot conversation

A small, humanoid robot will fly to the International Space Station this summer to take part in the first experiment on conversation in space between a human and a robot.


Google Glass (3)

Tennis pro hopes to play at Wimbledon wearing Google Glass

A professional tennis player hopes to wear Google Glass at the famed Wimbledon tennis tournament next week.

Google Glass eyed by companies for enterprise use

Glass is a major project for Google, which has put prototypes of the device in the hands of several thousand developers and early adopters.

'Tweet' added to Oxford English Dictionary lexicon

The word was given special consideration because it so quickly became widely-used in the English language.

Yahoo goes after younger, mobile users with reported Hulu bid

With Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer taking steps to transform the company back into a top-tier player, reports are out that Yahoo is in talks to buy Hulu for as much as $800 million.

Despite Schmidt's timeline, Google may ship Glass in 2013

Just a month after a top Google executive said Glass wouldn't be officially released for another year, sources say the computerized eyeglasses actually should ship by the end of this year.

Underwater spy robot created by Virginia Tech researchers

The research is backed by the U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center and the Office of Naval Research, which are looking for self-powering, autonomous robots to do underwater surveillance or to monitor the environment.


Software update brings better Google+ integration to Glass

Google has pushed out an update to Glass, its upcoming futuristic, computerized eyeglasses.