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google glass

Could Google Glass someday start breakfast or do chores?

Google has filed a patent application for technology that will enable Google Glass to control everyday devices such as coffee makers, home alarm systems, and garage doors.

google drive logo

Google Drive users cope with Monday morning outage

Google confirmed its Drive service has been down for several hours for a "significant subset of users" who are fretting that they can't get access to their work.

Coming soon: Self-healing chips for smartphones, computers?

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology have taken the next step in the evolution of the computer chip, developing self-healing integrated chips.

What you Like on Facebook could reveal more than you think

Before you "like" a friend's or company's post on Facebook, think twice. A new study shows that your Facebook "likes" may be far more revealing than you ever thought.


NASA conducts Martian tech support to repair Curiosity

A computer problem onboard the Mars rover Curiosity has forced NASA scientists to put the rover into safe mode while they try to bring a backup system online and try to figure out what is wrong with the main computer.


Google's Sergey Brin rips smartphones, shows off Glass

Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and head of the company's Glass project, says the computerized eyeglasses are more masculine than smartphones.


NASA rover Curiosity grabs first Martian rock sample

NASA's super rover Curiosity has collected a sample from the inside of a rock on Mars, the first time the process has been done on another planet, NASA announced Wednesday



Google may be considering retail stores

Google may be taking a page from Apple as it considers opening brick-and-mortar retail stores, according to reports.


Google+ suffers outage Friday morning

Google+ suffered a site outage Friday morning, prompting users of the social network to complain on both Google+ and Twitter that the site was down or slow to load.



Google keeps Bing, Yahoo at bay in search business

Google hangs onto its dominant share of the search market, while its competitors inch up and down.


Astronauts, Obama to host Google+ Hangouts in February

Google's social network, Google+, is getting attention from the likes of astronauts and the U.S. president. Both will be hosting hangouts with the U.S. public.


Researchers use Twitter to track flu outbreak

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are using Twitter to track what has been a particularly severe flu season across the U.S.


Facebook's search tool could be big money maker

If users take to Facebook's new search tool, the social network could be in line to haul in a lot of advertising dollars, say industry analysts.


Facebook event speculation turns to phones, mobile, search

With Facebook preparing for its mysterious press conference on Tuesday, speculation is surging that the announcement could be about anything from a new smartphone to a new mobile plan to a new search feature.


Web sites go dark to honor Sandy Hook victims

A long list of Web sites went dark for one minute at 9:30 a.m. ET today to mark a moment of silence for the 26 women and children who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. last Friday.