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NASA: Mars Curiosity Ready to Roam, Shoot Lasers

With the Mars Curiosity rover's science instruments working well, NASA engineers are getting ready for two big tests of their robotic rover.


Pinterest Goes All-in With Mobile: Releases Android, iPad Apps

Looking to get in on the booming mobile market, social network Pinterest has unveiled mobile apps for its pinboard service.

FTC's Fine Won't Hurt Google as Much as Scolding

Analysts say Google's record-setting $22.5 million fine from the FTC is a simple slap on the wrist, but the company takes a hit in the public eye for its bad behavior.

NASA Upgrades Mars Curiosity Software ... From 350 Million Miles Away

Picture doing a remote software upgrade. Now picture doing it when the machine you're upgrading is a robotic rover sitting 350 million miles away, on the surface of the planet Mars.

Facebook Moves to Remedy Mobile Revenue Woes

Facebook is moving to fix one of its biggest problems - finding ways to make money from its growing base of mobile users.


How is Good for Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Now that Microsoft's revamped and flashy free e-mail service is drawing the spotlight, rivals Yahoo and Google have a clear reason to update their e-mail services.

Twitter Takes Social Spotlight at London Olympics

Twitter basks in the Olympic spotlight, with athletes tweeting about the events and fans around the world tweeting their support.


Bing Lets You Ask Your Facebook Friends as You Search

Microsoft announced in a blog post that when users do a search, they can tag their Facebook friends by name and get their recommendations on the search.

Report: Google+ Use Has Skyrocketed

Social network Google+, which turned a year old at the end of June, has seen its user base take a dramatic jump in the past six to seven months.

Social Networks Join in Olympic Games

The Olympics events are especially inviting to social networks, from offering a venue for quick and timely bulletins to the opportunity for online interaction with participants.

Twitter Back Up After Pre-Olympics Crash

After suffering an outage that lasted more than an hour and a half today, Twitter is back up and running.

Twitter Crashes Day Before Olympics Kick Off

Outage comes just a month after a cascading bug shut down Twitter twice in a day.


Eyes Are on Facebook's First Earnings Report

After a disappointing Wall Street debut, all eyes will be on Facebook on Thursday when it makes its first quarterly earnings report as a public company...

Twitter Works With NBC to Take on Olympic Games

Twitter is teaming with NBC to make it easier for users to take in all the tweets about the upcoming Olympic Games.

Who Wants to Be in the PC Business? Not Dell

Have you noticed that it's just not so cool to be in the PC business these days? Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell, said this week that the "new Dell" really isn't in the PC business anymore.