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Sharon Machlis is Executive Editor, Online & Data Analytics at Computerworld, where she works on data journalism projects and in-house editor tools in addition to writing and editing. Her tech interests include data visualization and analysis as well as the intersection of journalism and technology. She holds an Extra class amateur radio license and is currently somewhat obsessed with R.

60-minute Security Makeover: Prevent Your Own 'Epic Hack'

Here are some ways to beef up security on your digital life -- before someone hacks into your digital life.

Apple's Siri-ous Mistake

By restricting Siri to iPhone 4S and the new iPad, Apple has widened the market opening for Google Now and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Facebook's Problem: Market Share?

Some say Facebook's biggest advantage is its user base -- but could they be wrong?


Does Facebook Punish Third-Party Clients?

Analysis: Facebook engagement drops 70% on posts made by third-party clients compared to those made directly on If so, does it matter?

iPad Restaurant App Reviews

Whether you're looking for a meal on the road or just want to shake up your restaurant rut at home, this latest installment of the iPad Chronicles looks at some apps that can help.

Microsoft Adds RAW Photo File Support to Windows

The decision is good news for serious photographers who use Windows.

Early Google+ Can't Touch Twitter for Breaking News

Analysis: Google+ needs more robust search, a better way to scan and a lot more users before it can challenge Twitter.

Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. Google+

All of the social networks, side-by-side.

iPad Turns Portable TV

Analysis: I can get along fine without a tablet, but when technolust comes into play, need isn't the point.

Three Apple iPad 2 Disappointments

There's a lot to like about Apple's iPad 2, but there are three things to dislike.

3 Free Voice-Recognition Apps for the iPad

Check out these free apps that sport voice-recognition in one form or another.

Android vs. iPhone and iPad: By the Numbers

How do Apple's iOS and Google's Android stack up head to head? Let's look at the numbers.

8 More Free Tools for Data Visualization and Analysis

Post a software tools roundup, and you'll invariably hear from readers about great programs you left out. Here are some of the most interesting suggestions.

22 Free Tools for Data Visualization and Analysis

You may not think you've got much in common with an investigative journalist or an academic medical researcher. But if you're trying to extract useful information from an ever-increasing inflow of data, you'll likely find visualization useful.

Traffic-Mapping Tech Paints Picture of Post-Quake Japan

Various online services attempt to show status of Japanese roads, cities to assist in earthquake/tsunami relief efforts.