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Sharon Machlis is Executive Editor, Online & Data Analytics at Computerworld, where she works on data journalism projects and in-house editor tools in addition to writing and editing. Her tech interests include data visualization and analysis as well as the intersection of journalism and technology. She holds an Extra class amateur radio license and is currently somewhat obsessed with R.

Downturn Hits Older Tech Workers Hardest

Older IT workers have been more likely than younger ones to lose their jobs -- and stay unemployed -- since the latest economic recession began in 2008.

Facebook Ends End-run Around U.S. Securities Laws

It seems Goldman Sachs has decided that "intense media attention" no longer made it worthwhile to go forward with offering a piece of Facebook in the U.S.

Free/Low-Cost Tech Classes

Did you resolve to learn a new skill in 2011? Here are a few options if you can't commit to attending an in-person class.

Fighting Firesheep: New Tactics

Analysis: Here's some new protection against Firesheep attacks when you're surfing in public.

Technology I'm Thankful For

Thanksgiving attitude as applied to IT.

Technology that Makes Me Thankful

I realize that some of my joy -- or at least enjoyment -- in life comes from these various forms of technology.

Tablet Conundrum: iPad Now or Wait?

To buy, or not to buy, a tablet


How to Hijack Facebook Using Firesheep

I hijacked a Facebook account with Firesheep; it was easy, and here's what you should do to avoid falling victim.

Backups: Do Your Family and Friends have a Plan?

Your friends and family turn to you for tech advice, so it's time to inform them of how important it is to back up data.

3 Photo Tools for Power Users

Here are three tools -- Eye-Fi, SmugMug, Pixelpipe -- for serious photography enthusiast.


Why I've Turned My Back on Palm

Having owned a Palm device of one sort or another for more than a decade, it pains me to admit that the platform has become an also-ran when it comes to applications.


Social Media: Top Tips

Analysis: Tools and techniques to use social networking more efficiently and to best benefit.

Peeved at Facebook, But Not Enough to Quit

I'm not prepared to shut down my Facebook account, even though I'm extremely unhappy with Facebook's privacy policies. But that doesn't mean all stays as it was.

A Pre Owner's Take on the HP-Palm Deal

HP may not have a successful track record in the smartphone market, but it also doesn't have a reason to kill off webOS.