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Sharon Machlis is Executive Editor, Online & Data Analytics at Computerworld, where she works on data journalism projects and in-house editor tools in addition to writing and editing. Her tech interests include data visualization and analysis as well as the intersection of journalism and technology. She holds an Extra class amateur radio license and is currently somewhat obsessed with R.

Time to Nix Government-Funded iPhone Apps

Should taxpayer money really be supporting development on a platform where parties can't even talk about the relationship between a government entity and its technology partner?


CEI Wants to Your ISP to Censor Your Net Sessions

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is sort of like China, but instead of a repressive government censoring your Internet, it'd be your ISP.

Apple: the Microsoft of Smartphones?

Apple is touting how many people use its mobile software, and is blocking smaller competitors from using its products. Sound familiar?

10 Fixes the Palm Pre Needs Right Now

From its sleek design to its multi-tasking webOS, there's a lot I like about my new Pre. However, there are some fixes I wish Palm would get cracking on.