Google Tries to Capture Health Data From Searches

New pop-up survey is part of Google's attempt to improve the data it collects from health-related searches.

How to Make the iPhone Better. Yes, Better

With Apple's WWDC around the corner, we thought up seven improvements we'd like to see in a next-generation iPhone.

IPhone Accelerometer Leads to a Shakeable Ad

Dockers has a new ad that dances when shaken.


iPhone Dominates the World, Study Shows

Despite limited distribution, Apple's smartphone rules the world market, with only Nokia and RIM coming close, research finds.

Online Fraud Hits Airlines Hard

A report finds airlines worldwide lost more than $1.4 billion to fraudsters in 2008.

Doctors Say Effort to Digitize Medical Records Is Not Worth It

Harvard Medical School doctors warn that the shift to electronic medical records is not worth $19 billion of the stimulus pie.

What Google Voice Means for VoIP

Last week's announcement of Google Voice was a shot across bow of the telecommunications industry.

Wal-Mart to Offer Low-Cost Digital Health Records Package

Wal-Mart has joined Google, Microsoft, and other companies angling to get a piece of the digital health records market.

Tech Repair, Support Services See Growth Amid Recession

During the Great Depression, Americans found ways to repair and reuse many items -- turning gunny sacks into dresses, for instance. In the current economic depression, the same may apply to electronics.

Lawyers Move Toward IPhones, Give up BlackBerrys

Lawyers are increasingly jumping ship from BlackBerrys to iPhones.

Privacy Advocates Wary of Google Health 'Share' Feature

New feature allows users to share medical information with others through an e-mail link.

ITunes University: Better Than the Real Thing?

The lazy college student who watches all of his lectures from his dorm room via podcast may do better on his next exam than the one who never misses a class.

Electronic Medical Records Demand Privacy

Google and Microsoft will be accountable as tech companies pushing repositories for online medical records.

Skidmore Blames Economy as Its Online Degree Program Falters

Despite reports that the sagging economy may lead more students to enroll in online courses because they are cheaper, Skidmore College's decades-old distance learning program may soon shutter its doors.

Colleges Go Online to Cut Costs in Tight Budgets

Online courses may see a boost because of the sagging economy, a study suggests.