Google Power Meter Analyzes Home Energy Consumption

Google is trying to impact electrical energy consumption by developing a Web service that will let users track electricity usage in a very detailed way.

Facebook Poses Plenty of Problems for Educators

Be careful what you post on social networks. Dartmouth professor Reiko Ohnuma learned that lesson the hard way.

Tech Layoffs Leave H-1B Holders Vulnerable

Tech companies are announcing layoffs nearly every day, and thousands are losing their jobs.

University Text Message Alert System Abused

"The monkey got out of the cage." That's what thousands of people at the University of Florida thought to themselves when they got the message through the school's emergency-alert text message system.

Obama Promises Digitized Medical Records

President-elect Barack Obama vows to computerize all U.S. medical records by 2014.

Army Video Game Combats Suicides

Video games are used in military training, but the newest is designed to curb suicide rates among troops.

Facebook, Google Vie for Connect Services

The simultaneous launch of Connect services by Google and Facebook is no coincidence -- they're battling to lead in data portability.

M.I.T. Futurists Focus on Next-Gen Multimedia

The new Center for Future Storytelling will use new technology to make video more interactive, improvisational and social.