World Cup 2010: Vuvuzela for the iPhone, Android

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa will be remembered for the droning soundtrack provided by the vuvuzela, a long plastic horn that has divided opinion among spectators.


First UK iPad Users Tweet their Pleasure

Apple shipped out some advance orders of iPads a day early in Britain.


Wikileak Founder's Passport Confiscated

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has had his passport confiscated by the Australian authorities.

Apple's iPhone App Contract Nails Developers

iPad and iPhone developers beware: Apple reserves the right to kill an app at any time with no reason.


Lawyer's Ire Confirms Apple Tablet, Site Says

An Apple tablet is "indirectly confirmed" by an Apple attorney's rebuke to a site's contest.


Technology Can Change Global Policy, UK Leader Says

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown reviewed examples of communication that directed the global spotlight and affected foreign policy issues.

Tech Spending Still Slipping

Worldwide IT spending will fall by 6 percent in 2009, according to a Gartner forecast.

Web Inventor Helps UK Government Open Access

Web Inventor to Help Government Open Data to Public

Control the Cloud

Forrester's advice on issues to watch as businesses explore the cloud computing business model.

Social Networks: The Future of Computing?

Tech and business technology will take center stage in the post-recession economy, Forrester's CEO says.

Software Vendors Should Back off on Fees, Forrester Says

Economic conditions call for a break on business software maintenance charges, or vendors will face a customer revolt, analyst suggests.

Intel Could Face Civil Charges in Europe

After European regulatory agencies slammed Intel for antitrust violations, that opened the door for civil action.

Stealth Botnet Infects Nearly 2 Million Systems

British and U.S. cybercrime units team to track down the hackers responsible for seeding the botnet.

Are Hackers Working for the Mob?

A British study found organized crime is behind the vast majority of hacking attacks.

Outsourcing Not the Big Savings Firms Expect, Study Says

Strategic applications should be kept in-house, because savings are usually overestimated.