Designer shows off $17.8 million diamond-encrusted iPhone

U.K.-based designer Stuart Hughes, renowned for his extravagant technology designs including an iPad 2 with t-rex bone shaved into it, now creates an iPhone 5 worth $17.8 million.

Kim Dotcom's Twitter image

Security and privacy talk mix with glitz and glam at Mega launch

A helicopter with 'FBI' printed on the side at one point circled the crowd as men in black rappelled down the side of the Dotcom mansion

iPhone 5 Components List Leaked

A document of the next iPhone's components reveals a taller device with a similar shape to current models, and with a two-tone rear panel and smaller power/dock connector.

MegaUpload: Dotcom a 'Flight Risk', Prosecutor Says

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom is considered a significant flight risk, the Crown argued on behalf of the US government Monday.

MegaUpload's Owner Faces Charges in Court

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom appears in court after New Zealand police seize luxury cars and other items worth about $5 million and about $8 million in other assets in New Zealand financial institutions.