Mass Effect 3 Face Import To Be Fixed Next Week

A much-maligned bug preventing players from properly importing faces through all three games has finally been resolved.

How Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Plans To Save The Galaxy

The infamous ending will be drawn out rather than rewritten.

The Witcher 2 and Fallout Available for Free

CD Projekt RED gives away games amid big announcements for The Witcher series and

thatgamecompany Moves Beyond Its Journey With Sony

The developer of flOw, Flower, and Journey takes a rough step into a new era.

Indie Darling Fez Finally Takes Form

After five long years of tantalizing development time, Polytron's beautiful Fez bursts forth into reality.

Good Old Games Is New Again

Good Old Games relaunched this week with an expanded mandate and a new identity.

Worlds Collide in a New Fan-Made Live-Action Minecraft Video

A new live-action Minecraft video loosens the building blocks of our reality.

Controversial Day-1 Mass Effect 3 DLC Prompts Calls to Boycott

Has BioWare turned its back on the Earth? It remains unclear whether From Ashes was removed from the game or developed later, but an exodus of customers demonstrates perennial frustrations with this business model.

The Humble Indie Bundle: Now on Android!

The newest Humble Indie Bundle retains all the virtues of its previous iterations and adds a whole new platform, giving you an easy way to support great charities and buy a bunch of great games on Android for a ridiculously low price.

Ace Attorney 5 Will Have its Day in Court

A new Ace Attorney courtroom drama game has been announced, but will it ever find its way to the English-speaking gaming world?

Mega Man Creator Inafune’s First Post-Capcom Game Released

Can a cute pet-fusion social game save the Japanese games industry? Perhaps it can, if it was developed by Keiji Inafune.

Official Zelda Timeline Revealed: A Link to the Past and the Future and the Other Future

Nintendo has published an official Zelda timeline that ties all the games together using a convoluted time travel story. But even though it's canon, is it actually any good?

Anomaly: Warzone Earth Invades Kindle Fire and Other Android Devices

The lead programmer for 11 Bit Studios ported their hit game to Android in a madcap solo operation spanning just two weeks. PCWorld uncovers the story in this tactical report.

They're Practically Giving It Away: Holiday Sale Holdup

Even money-grubbing game shops are getting into the spirit of the season with these incredible bargains. To take full advantage of their generosity, read our guide to some of the greatest deals of the year.

This Is How the World Ends: Steam Holiday Sale 2011

The annual Steam Holiday Sale has begun! Now you can win prizes for participating, and we have the scoop on the coolest Grand Prize imaginable.