Big broadband adoption found likelier with a national strategy

Countries with a coordinated national strategy for rolling out broadband are making significantly faster progress than those taking a more laissez-faire approach to broadband development, according to a new report.


Businesses, UK government team against cyber attacks

Several major British companies and the U.K. government are creating the Defense Cyber Protection Partnership to bolster the country's security against sophisticated cyber attacks.

Yandex gains ground with interactive snippets in search results

Yandex wants to use Open Graph and to introduce something similar to Twitter deep linking, which allows users to access mobile apps from inside a tweet.

Citrix CEO questions efficacy of Yahoo's remote working ban

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton has said that banning employees from working from home is an ineffective way of preventing slacking on the job.

MAKKIS telepresence

UK student builds his own telepresence 'Sheldonbot'

A British student has created a telepresence robot that recognizes when a human is addressing it and mimics human behavior.


Most innovations fail in the 'Valley of Death,' analysts say

More than four out of five technologies developed globally never make it to the commercial world, due to their inability to cross the “Valley of Death”—the virtual chasm that separates applied research from technology demonstration—according to analyst firm Frost & Sullivan.

Dropbox CEO criticizes Apple cloud lock-in

Houston, at Mobile World Congress, said there is a common pattern of thinking, whereby companies that build phones or networks believe that they can also build a cloud service and bolt it on to their existing offerings.

Ubuntu chief says converged platforms are the future

The convergence of devices and software platforms is being driven by the shift towards cloud computing, which will ultimately become the engine room of all modern applications, according to Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth.

windows phone 8

Windows Phone triples U.K. market share in a year

Microsoft's Windows Phone is still lagging a long way behind Android and iOS in terms of market share, but new figures indicate that the mobile operating system has experienced strong European growth over the last year, particularly in Britain and Italy.

Dropbox client syncing and uploading services go down

Some Dropbox users took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, post pictures and question whether Amazon Web Services was to blame.

Raspberry Pi approaches 1 million sales mark

The $25 credit-card-sized Linux computer launched last year

Skype disables People Hub in latest Windows Phone 8 release

The change means that Windows Phone 8 Skype users will no longer be able to initiate Skype calls from outside of the app itself.

ICANN reveals objections to proposed top-level domains

A panel representing about 50 of the world's national governments has published a list of the proposed generic top-level domain (gTLD) names to which it objects.

Connected devices to outnumber humans six to one by 2020

New concepts such as embedded intelligence, automated machine-to-machine traffic, and the 'Internet of Things' are contributing to the growth in networked devices

Twitter CEO vows to defend users' privacy

Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo has said the company will continue to defend the privacy of its users in the face of legal challenges by authorities that want to gain access to deleted content.