Virgin Media Business offers vision of a hyper-connected future

Avatars, super-crowdsourcing and printing your own medication may sound like the stuff of science fiction books, but a hyper-connected future may not be that far away, according to a new report by Virgin Media Business.


Spiceworks social network for IT pros launches tablet app

Spiceworks, the social business platform for IT professionals, has launched a new HD mobile application for Apple iPad and Google Android-based tablet devices.

Hygiene Firm Cuts CO2 Emissions With M2M Technology

Cleaning specialist Zenith Hygiene Group has cut its CO2 emissions by almost 600 tonnes a year, thanks to TomTom's fleet management technology.

Huddle Allows Collaboration on Live Documents

The revamped platform allows users to view documents online in high definition and search, copy text to the clipboard, zoom and print without having to download their files.

Video and File-sharing Eat up Corporate Bandwidth: Report

The number of people streaming video and sharing files in the workplace has increased exponentially since November 2011.

RIM Boss Says Company Isn't in 'Death Spiral'

Thorsten Heins said that the company is 'very, very challenged at the moment' but that it was going through a transitional period.

GPS Alternative Developed By Defense Firm BAE Systems

The technology is being touted as a replacement for current technologies that rely on a relatively weak satellite signal that is vulnerable to disruption.

High-tech Knee Strap Powers Devices Through Walking

This could enable a new generation of GPS tracking, more advanced signal processing and more frequent and longer wireless transmission, the researchers said.

LinkedIn Claims Vulnerable Passwords Have Been Disabled

Business social network LinkedIn issued more information and advice to its users over the weekend, in the wake of a massive cyber attack in which 6.5 million passwords were stolen.

Napster Founders Launch Video Chat for Facebook

The browser-based video chat service called Airtime supports video chat over the social network site, rivaling Skype.

Spotify Deploys Salesforce Rypple for Social Enterprise

Digital music service Spotify is using employee performance management software from to drive engagement within the company and make giving feedback more social.

Cloudforce: News International Trusts Customer Data to the Cloud

Newspaper publisher News International is using cloud-based solutions from, CloudSense and Zuora to fulfil product orders, analyse customer behaviour patterns and process payments.

Smartphone Boom Drives Market in Hybrid Processors

The most common type of hybrid processors combine a central processing unit and a graphics processing unit.

Look, Ma! A PC with no Power Plug!

HP has launched a new zero client that uses "one wire" technology to deliver power over Ethernet.

Pirate Bay Rallies Users

Notorious file-sharing site The Pirate Bay is urging its UK users to lobby against a government plan to block access to its services.