Augmented Reality and Location Services Drive Growth in MEMS

4 billion MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) sensor devices will be in circulation by 2016.

E-Book Publisher Drops DRM

Science fiction publisher Tor UK has announced it will stop using the technology that restricts copying from all of its e-books, in a possible precedent for the industry.

Microsoft Issues Swift Fix for Hotmail Bug

Hackers were able to use a Firefox add-on called Tamper Data to intercept the outgoing HTTP request following a password reset request and modify the data, locking out the account holder and gaining access to their inbox.

Amazon CTO: Startups Lead the Way in Big Data Analytics

Startups and small companies are stealing a march on some of their larger enterprise counterpart.

iTunes and Amazon Fraudsters Get Prison Sentences

The fraudsters were accused of using online music management companies to upload UK-produced urban music albums and tracks for sale on Apple iTunes and

Amazon to Provide Indian Cloud Services Over Tata Infrastructure?

Tata Communications is currently one of the top two cloud players across India and Singapore, offering a combination of co-location, infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, IT managed services and content delivery network.

Google Helps UK Businesses Get Mobile-Friendly

Google has launched a new initiative called GetMo, aimed at helping British businesses 'Get Mobile' by providing them with tools and resources to make their websites more mobile-friendly.

Amazon Hails Era of 'Utility Supercomputing'

Cloud computing giant envisions massive computational resources and storage requirements available on demand.

Intel Xeon E5 Processors Hit the Streets

Intel has launched its long-awaited Xeon E5-2600 processor family, code-named Sandy Bridge, which it says provides an 80 percent improvement in performance.

Intel Starts Distributing Open Source LibreOffice

The Microsoft Office alternative is available in a five-language version featuring English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Huddle Launches Intelligent Sync Tool to Rival Sharepoint

Huddle CEO claims that the company's new tool is the first to offer enterprise-grade cloud file sync

AppSense DataLocker App Makes Dropbox Suitable for the Enterprise

DataLocker encryption technology is the first product to come out of AppSense Labs.

Twitter Enables HTTPS by Default

Traffic on the microblogging site is now encrypted, providing better protection against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Facebook Teams up With Bango for Mobile Payments

Bango's technology targets the growing market of internet-enabled smartphone users, who are increasingly using their devices to carry out transactions online.

Apple Boycott Urged Over Foxconn Investigation

Reports of mistreatment of workers at the company's manufacturing chain are prompting inquiries and objections.