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PCWorld Show Episode 15: Phone-cam fight, laptop showdown, and a Burning Man for the 1 percent

Flo refs a phone-cam fight, Gordon taunts fanboys, and we all discuss a fully catered desert tech-fest for elites.

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PCWorld Show Episode 14: Apple tanks, the PC goes under the bus and web pages are larger than Doom

In this week's hottest news from PCWorld, Macs and PCs both face existential angst. Meanwhile, webpage bloat gets a benchmark gamers can relate to.

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PCWorld Show Episode 12: HTC's 10, LG's G5, tanking PC sales

Jon, Jason, and Gordon discuss what's right and what's wrong with new smartphones from HTC and LG, and why PC sales just deflated.

pcwdigitaledition primary apr16

PCWorld's April Digital Edition: Today's Hottest Hardware

Enjoy the best of in a curated Enhanced Edition for Android and iOS, or in a PDF Replica Edition.

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PCWorld Show Episode 11: Nvidia's Pascal, self-driving race cars, HTC Vive, and Surface Hub

Jon, Melissa, and Gordon discuss Nvidia's new super Pascal GPU, how cool HTC Vive is, and Surface Hub.

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PCWorld Show Episode 10: HoloLens, PC gaming (fixed!), smart bots and evil Tay

Jon, Mark and Gordon discuss HoloLens hotness, whether Microsoft has fixed PC gaming, and bots (both good and evil).

Windows 10 Build sign

Watch the Microsoft Build keynote live stream right here

If you can't actually be at Microsoft's Build developers conference, you can still watch the keynote live stream right here at 8:30 am PT on Wednesday.

pcw show epi 9

PCWorld Show Episode 9: Apple's PC diss, Intel's tick-tock retirement, Microsoft's creepy AI

Gordon, Melissa, and Jon discuss the topics that got PCWorld fired up this week (and two of them just couldn't resist trolling Apple).

iphonese beauty apple

Everything that Apple announced on March 21

Catch up on everything right here: The iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, new Apple Watch bands, even the FBI case.


apple march21 invite

Let us loop you in: Live chat of Apple's March 21 event

Join us to discuss Apple's newest products as they are announced live.


Watch President Obama speak at SXSW

The President spoke about community engagement in the digital world as well as the encryption debate.

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PCWorld Show Episode 7: Microsoft's walled PC gaming garden, Yelp for people, Opera ad blocking

Jon, Mark and Gordon discuss the hottest tech topics of the week.

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PCWorld's March Digital Edition: You will upgrade to Windows 10

Enjoy the best of in a curated Enhanced Edition for Android and iOS, or in a PDF Replica Edition.

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PCWorld Show Episode 5: More Apple-FBI debate, soaring smartwatch sales, and the new Nvidia-AMD love child

Jon, Gordon and Susie discuss the hottest tech topics of the week.

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PCWorld Show Episode 4: Apple vs. FBI and Microsoft's modular PC

Plus Japanese PC companies may form a supergroup and Dell goes after the fashion crowd with a gold laptop.