A plea for mobile civility

Are our ubiquitous mobile devices causing us to forget or unconsciously rewrite the rules of courtesy in society?

Cloud getting crowded, and that means bottlenecks

When one or more virtual machines on the physical host consumes large amounts of disk I/O, performance for other virtual machines degrades.

Phishing is getting tougher to spot

Analysis: An apparently innocent inquiry with a company you do business with might warrant scrutiny. Perhaps it's a scam, or perhaps it's fine and the company itself is getting careless.

The Long Road to iPhone 5

Analysis: In the five years since the first iPhone shipped, Apple has changed our habits and expectations. What has it done for us lately?

Cyberwarfare Gets Political

Analysis: Will cyberthreats become the next enemy -- and weapon -- in high-profile world events?



Few tech company-names ever become common English-language terms. No one ever asks you to "Microsoft" a document or "Apple" a video. Yet the verb "to Google" is...

Twitter Aids Thai Flood Victims

Although much of Southeast Asia's major peninsula is flooded, media have concentrated on the region's prime city: Bangkok.

Do You REALLY Need That New Mobile Phone?

Besides the new iPhone, you can get "Gingerbread," "Honeycomb," or Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango," with "Ice Cream Sandwich." But living on desserts isn't ideal for your health.

Apple Opens Hong Kong Retail Store

It was only a matter of time until Apple opened a flagship store in a city obsessed with brands and brand-culture.

In It For the 'Lulz'

The English language is a fluid thing interpreted differently by speakers from different lands. Its beauty is its flexibility: bad or broken English can be just as effective at communicating as fluent English.