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Stephanie Overby is a regular contributor to and CIO magazine. Disclosure: She also writes for Hewlett-Packard's marketing website TechBeacon.

9 Ways to Stop Your IT Outsourcing Deal From Leaking Money

Experts estimate that an outsourcing deal can lose up to 30 percent of its value each year due to poor governance. Here's how to plug the holes.

How to Get Outsourcers to Focus on Business Value

When it comes to cutting costs, outsourcing is delivering the goods--but bottom line benefits only go so far.

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Can Video Analytics Rev Up Marketing?

Harley-Davidson Canada road tests a video analytics system to better target its marketing to customers in its stores

IT Outsourcing in China and Data Privacy Guidelines

China has proposed strict new data security regulations that could hamper the country's nascent IT outsourcing industry if made into law, even as they aim to...

Mitigating the Risk of Cloud Services Failure

The two-day outage at one of Amazon's data centers has everyone questioning the reliability of infrastructure as a service offerings.

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Six Biggest Cloud Computing Myths

Think the cloud is simple and cheap? Those are just two of the most common myths.

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IT Outsourcing: Study Highlights Impediments to Innovation

Most IT organizations and outsourcing providers remain too bogged down in the day-to-day management of their outsourcing arrangements to focus on innovation.