Prepare the Internet for battle, suggests UK official

A recently published report on potential scenarios of cyber-conflict, The Global Cyber-Game, says it is inevitable that the internet will be "militarized" and used to serve the needs of military conflict between nations.

As tablets rival laptops, Asus straddles both formats

In the face of a slump in PC sales and industry debate over whether the smartphone or tablet is now the preferred tool for a large segment of domestic and even small business users, Asus continues to release a number of combined and flexible devices that try to play on both sides of the dividing lines.


Programming savvy is the new digital divide, Berners-Lee says

Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee says all school students should be given some hands-on experience of programming, to provide a critical mass of enthusiastic and competent programmers to stem the current shortage of developers.

Who's Responsible for Uploads? The MegaUpload Question

A key legal question of the prominent copyright case is what a platform provider should know about the files on their system.

Intel Desktop Boost Reflects Continued Fat-client Demand

Despite the rise of cloud computing and the thin client, Intel continues to place its bets on a continued growth in demand for desktop power.

Microsoft Pushes SharePoint Into the Cloud

Microsoft's SharePoint platform has grown "really large, really fast" and there are significant "challenges" that the company needs to focus on.