Windows Memory Diagnostic

Check the health of your system's memory.

Free Tools, Useful Sites

Two terrific desktop calendars and three practical Web sites, plus an observation test and a new twist on the Ginsu knife.

Blu-ray Disc--The New VHS?

In which our columnist declares his loyalty to the Blu-ray camp, and readers tell us what they think.



Avoid drive-mapping conflicts with this USB utility, which is free for home use.


Lock down your keyboard with this utility.


Put your keys in their proper places with this remapping utility.


Speed up your keyboarding with this shortcut utility.

Polar Multiclipboard

Save all your clipboard cuttings with this Windows Clipboard replacement.


Capture and clean broken URLs you receive in emails, and paste them into your browser.


Stop popup ads, Cookies, Web Bugs, Clean PC.


AdBarricade blocks banner, Flash and tracking sites using a small tool that resets your DNS servers.

IE AdBlock

IE AdBlock is small and unobtrusive, and does a decent job removing many, but not all pop-ups, banner ads, and other annoyances; unfortunately, it doesn't know how to handle Flash ads.


sQusi is a freebie that blocks ads, stops Flash, tackles pop-ups, and tackles inline IntelliTXT ads for both Internet Explorer and Firefox users.

Super Ad Blocker

Super Ad Blocker tackles even the most annoying ads, including pop-ups, banner, and the distracting fly-in and slide-in types.

Ad Annihilator

Ad Annihilator blocks many pop-up ads, cookies, and other distractions, but it's a geeky tool and you'll need spare time to configure it perfectly.