KillAd effectively removes pop-ups and tries its best to get rid of banner and other ads.


Let this freebie keep your programs up-to-date for you.

Auto Reboot Remover

With this utility, you--not Windows XP, but you--can decide whether your PC automatically reboots.


Check your system for missing codecs, and find out where you can safely get the elusive ones.

Dial-a-fix Beta

Fix many common Windows problems with this useful software.


This good-and-geeky tool deletes (and then reinstalls) USB device drivers.


Check your USB ports--and everything that's plugged in to them--to see if they're working.

Kelly's System32 Folder Opens Upon Boot

Banish the unwanted appearances of a System32 folder with this tiny Visual Basic script.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery

Recover files from reformatted partitions with this utility.

PopUp Ad SmasheR

Block ads, kill cookies, and protect your privacy with this IE add-on.


Safely delete the uninstall folders you don't need with this tiny utility.

Ad Muncher

Not happy with your ad-blocker? Try this one, a favorite of columnist Steve Bass.


Let this program translate your easy passwords to strong ones--without having to remember the hard ones yourself.

Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery

Recovery of lost digital photos, audio, and video from all digital camera media and hard drives.


Add memory-jogging notes to your files with this utility.