FileMenu Tools

Slim down Explorer's bulky context menus with this utility.

Duplicate File Finder

Locate duplicate files with this easy-to-use tool.


This tiny but useful folder and filename case-conversion tool sets your directories straight.


A defragging program that includes neat extras.

Greenborder Pro

Greenborder adds a protective border around your browser so you can try out new downloads safely.


Backup essential hardware drivers.

Leet Speak

Speak in Leet, a made-up language that replaces letters with numbers and characters.

Visual Task Tips

See a miniature image of a task in the Taskbar

Folder Marker

Give XP the look and feel of Vista with these icons.


Quick access for commonly used folders.

Intel Active Monitor

This motherboard monitor works for some Intel motherboards.

Find Duplicates.NET

A simple, quick and easy tool for finding duplicate files.


Send files to someone else's printer--around the corner or around the world.


A quirky but great file copying tool with some unique features.

Total Copy

Copies or moves numerous files faster than Windows.