TuneRanger Tries to Sync iTunes Libraries

Sync, copy, or merge iTunes libraries on multiple networked computers with TuneRanger--but prepare for some frustrations.


Modify, replace, extract, and save icons in almost any version of Windows.


Drag and drop many image formats and convert them into icons.


Animate your cursors by importing from a video source--or create your own--with total control over the process.

Maxthon Browser Makes the Most of Internet Explorer

Alternative Web browser Maxthon is extremely customizable; it offers many customizations and plugins.

Sib Icon Editor

Extract, edit, and create new icons in an easy-to-use interface.

Cut Better, Paste Better with Freebie Day Clipboard Utility

Day Clipboard Utility can capture text or images from the clipboard, then save them to a file manually or automatically.


Edit previously-recorded videos into movies with this easy to use and free application.

FreeSnap (32-bit version)

Make desktop windows snap to the size and the side of the screen you choose.

FreeSnap (64-bit version)

Easily keyboard control all your open windows, resizing them and snapping them to corners of the screen.


Sync, copy or merge iTunes libraries on multiple networked computers.

Bookmarks Archiver

Shunt all your unused bookmarks to a separate folder and clean things up in the process.

Create Cartoons With Anime Studio Debut

Create South Park-like cutout and simple 2D animation easily using the bone structure of a drawing.

Yahoo Messenger

Keep track of your Internet pals to send them instant messages and free PC-to-PC calls.

Dupe Eliminator for iTunes Cleans Up Your Music Library

Rid your iTunes library of annoying duplicate files with only a few clicks.