Apple, Samsung, and Irreparable Harm

Why do companies pursue extraordinary legal remedies that they don't qualify for, and how can the government get them to stop doing it?

Follow This, Part 2: The Rest of the Tech Year in Tweets

82 more oddball posts inspired by technology news, from our @PCWPluggedIn Twitter feed.

Follow This: The Tech Year in Tweets

62 off-kilter posts inspired by technology news, from our @PCWPluggedIn Twitter feed.

Sony PlayStation Network Breach and Other Tweets of the Week

Is "geek humor" an oxymoron? We don't think so. Here's what @PCWPluggedIn was tweeting about from May 14 to May 20, 2011.

Why You Should Take a Pay Cut to Skip Lunch

Whether you work in an office or telecommute, you can use a pay cut to your advantage.

Privacy Lost: The Amazing Benefits of the Completely Examined Life

It's time to stop complaining and start appreciating the advantages of the open-source you.

My $5.79 Clipboard/Paper/Ballpoint Ensemble Totally Rules

The question isn't tablet versus laptop. It's tablet versus laptop versus clipboard.


Return of the Spam Heckler

Sure they're a nuisance--but spam messages also provide endless material for comedy.

Straight to the Spam Folder: Astonishing E-Mail Messages You'll Never Open

Pickup lines, business opportunities, mysterious advice--they're all waiting patiently for you in your junk mail filter.