Windows XP: Your Last Chance to Get it. Really.

Analysis: After repeated extensions, Microsoft is planning to pull the plug on Windows XP sales in October.


Paul Allen's Lawsuits: What's up With That?

Analysis: The Microsoft co-founder's patent violation claims are likely to hurt consumers with technology price hikes financing a gigantic corporate patent war.


First E-Book Hits a Million Sales

Analysis: For voracious downloading readers, consider checking out the freebies.


File-Sharing Suits About Fear, Not Cash

Analysis: The RIAA's and other media companies' anti-piracy lawsuits aren't about making a profit directly; they're about scaring you back into buying DVDs and CDs.

Online Communities Turn up the Heat

Analysis: Online forums are filled with spam, irrational anger and hate, and plain-old mean-spiritedness -- have the terminally angry taken over?

Sexual Assault via Internet

Analysis: A man has been charged in a new kind of cybercrime; does a technical solution exist?

Linux Makes New Home on TVs, Smartphones, Tablets

Analysis: Linux will shine in the next year as it migrates to hot emerging platforms.