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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has been writing about technology and the business of technology since CP/M-80 was the cutting edge, PC operating system; 300bps was a fast Internet connection; WordStar was the state of the art word processor; and we liked it.

'Boycott Novell' Site Suffers DDoS Attack

Analysis: Founded as a reaction to Novell's partnership with Microsoft, Boycott Novell is very popular -- but it has also made some enemies.

News 'Flash': Adobe Gets More Open-Source Friendly

Analysis: Could Strobe framework mean that Adobe's open-sourcing Flash? 3.1: The Next Generation

The latest version of the open-source office suite 3.1 has just arrived, and it's a good one.

Microsoft: Not Dead Yet

It's been a tough year for Microsoft, but the software giant is finally getting it half right.

Microsoft, R.I.P.

Analysis: The recent earnings drop is just the latest sign that Microsoft's best days are over.

Hands On: Running Windows 7 on a Netbook

Microsoft has said that any version of Windows 7 will run on a netbook. We try it with Windows 7 Ultimate.

The Five Best, New Things In Ubuntu Linux 9.04

The latest Ubuntu, Jaunty Jackalope, is now live. Here are the hottest new additions the leading Linux distro.

What You Will See on Netbooks This Year

If Microsoft has its way, we will see Windows 7 Starter Edition on netbooks. Trust me.

The 10 Worst Operating Systems of All Time

Enough of the good old days! Let's talk about the bad old days of OSs instead.

HP, Asus, Others Prepare to Deploy Android on Netbooks

Analysis: It's one giant step closer to the Google Linux desktop.


A Merger that Happens Once in a Big Blue Sun

Analysis: There's a lot of good stuff inside of Sun, which would work hand-in-glove with IBM's existing projects.

Apple Netbook? Never, No Way, No How!

Analysis: Get over it, folks! There's no Apple netbook in the near (or distant) future.

The Google OS Is Coming by Year's End

It's not news that Microsoft will get Windows 7 out as fast as possible this year. What is news is that Google will have its own contender for desktop operating system king: Android.

Microsoft, Red Hat Sign Interoperability Agreements

Partnership's goal is to foster heterogeneous, virtualized Red Hat and Microsoft solutions.


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