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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has been writing about technology and the business of technology since CP/M-80 was the cutting edge, PC operating system; 300bps was a fast Internet connection; WordStar was the state of the art word processor; and we liked it.

Ubuntu Flies into the Cloud

Analysis: As it always is with cloud computing, the idea is to save organizations money by optimizing server use, while lowering costs and providing end users with self-service IT.

Firefox 3.5: Back on Top... For Now

Firefox is back in the vanguard in terms of browsers now, but will its lead last?

Linux with Ksplice Means Never Rebooting Again

Analysis: Ksplice, according to its developers, "enables running systems to stay secure without the disruption of re-booting." And guess what? It works.


Linux and Ksplice: Never Reboot Again

With this handy Linux utility, you can run your system virtually forever without rebooting.

Crowd-Sourced Graveyard: Where News Goes to Die

Analysis: Link-sharing sites aren't so much democracy in action as they are a place for abusive users with an ax to grind.

CrossOver Linux 8: Easy Enough for Everyone

Running Windows apps on your Linux operating system doesn't have to be difficult.


First Look: Opera Unite Alpha Lets You Share Files -- But Is It Safe?

With Unite, Opera plans to offer everyone their own Web server; however, this alpha version is not nearly secure enough for most users.

What Are the Five Best Things About Vista SP2?

Microsoft would rather you forget about Vista and move on to Windows 7. But I'm not ready for that just yet.

If You Want to Laugh All the Way to the Bank, Pick Linux

Analysis: Why will you want to buy Linux desktop rather than a new Mac or Windows 7 this year? In one word: Price.


Linux Netbooks: What We'll See This Year

Intel's Mobiln and Google's Android will make headlines in 2009.


Microsoft Strikes Back At Linux Netbook Push

Asus apologizes for showing its Android-powered netbook, apparently for fear of ticking off Microsoft.

Two Words about Windows 7: Higher Prices

Analysis:I rather like Windows 7, but Redmond's is shooting itself in the foot when it comes to pricing.


Firefox 3.5: An Early Look

Chrome and IE have dinged Firefox's reputation, the Firefox loyalists are looking hopefully to version 3.5.

Hands On With Intel's Moblin Linux for Netbooks

Intel's Moblin 2.0 Linux desktop for netbooks is really still too raw to be called a beta, but it's showing great promise.


Dell Latitude 2100-N: A Great Ubuntu Linux Netbook

Analysis: A friend at Dell let me play with Dell's new Latitude 2100-N for a few hours -- and I didn't want to give it up.