Tam Harbert Contributor, Computerworld

Harbert is a Washington, D.C.-based writer specializing in technology, business and public policy.

Attention IT: Your Interns Have Something to Teach You

It's that time of year again. Legions of eager, fresh-faced interns have invaded IT departments across the country, hoping to get real-world experience, or at least something that sounds impressive to put on their resumes.

New Job for Mainframes: Cloud Platform

Most experts say that a key attribute of the cloud is that the dynamic provisioning is self-service -- that is, at the user's demand.

Desktop Virtualization: Confusion Over Software Licensing

When Dataprise Inc., an IT services company, helped a customer with a desktop virtualization project last year, it found itself dealing with desktop virtualization's dirty little secret: No one -- including vendors -- seems to know how to license the software.

Security Fail: When Trusted IT People Go Bad

It's a CIO's worst nightmare: You get a call from the Business Software Alliance (BSA), saying that some of the Microsoft software your company uses might be pirated.

Yes, Your IT Department Is Watching — And Being Paid to Rat You Out

With staff surveillance on the rise, high-tech types can be put in the awkward position of having to squeal on their fellow workers.

Employee Monitoring: When IT Is Asked to Spy

IT workers are increasingly asked to police their co-workers by listening in on e-mail and text messages, and even tracking their locations via GPS.