Attention IT: Your Interns Have Something to Teach You

It's that time of year again. Legions of eager, fresh-faced interns have invaded IT departments across the country, hoping to get real-world experience, or at least something that sounds impressive to put on their resumes.

New Job for Mainframes: Cloud Platform

Most experts say that a key attribute of the cloud is that the dynamic provisioning is self-service -- that is, at the user's demand.

Desktop Virtualization: Confusion Over Software Licensing

When Dataprise Inc., an IT services company, helped a customer with a desktop virtualization project last year, it found itself dealing with desktop virtualization's dirty little secret: No one -- including vendors -- seems to know how to license the software.

Security Fail: When Trusted IT People Go Bad

It's a CIO's worst nightmare: You get a call from the Business Software Alliance (BSA), saying that some of the Microsoft software your company uses might be pirated.

Yes, Your IT Department Is Watching — And Being Paid to Rat You Out

With staff surveillance on the rise, high-tech types can be put in the awkward position of having to squeal on their fellow workers.

Employee Monitoring: When IT Is Asked to Spy

IT workers are increasingly asked to police their co-workers by listening in on e-mail and text messages, and even tracking their locations via GPS.

The Trouble With Telecommuting

Telework can change office dynamics in ways you hadn't anticipated. Here are six questions to ask before you say yes.

Telecommuting: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes

Proceed cautiously -- telework can change office dynamics in ways you hadn't anticipated.