Taylor ArmerdingCSO

Is 'malware' too lame a name for the nasty stuff out there?

What's in a name? For one security expert, not enough when the name is "malware."


Smart devices get smarter, but are still short on security

While many smart devices are coming with more cool features, improved security isn't one of them.


Tech threats abound beyond spam, malware during holidays

You know to beware while shopping online, but even brick-and-mortar outlets harbor technical security issues.


Anatomy of a hack: Team meets a professor's challenge

An NYU professor challenged a team of hackers to break into his online world. They did, but it wasn't easy or cheap.

Customer-tracking tactics move to brick and mortar

The ongoing battle over privacy is not confined to online. Besides security cameras and smart cars, cellphones are enabling retailers to track shoppers in stores.

Cars become mobile gadgets, with all the joys and flaws

The almost magical capabilities of mobile devices help use be productive and collaborative, entertained and connected, are coming to vehicles along with the risks and dangers.


Tech shops worry that younger workers brush off security

Information technology shops worry that the current crop of twentysomethings are not sufficiently security conscious.


Surviving a cyberwar depends on the target, experts say

The security community agrees it's important to protect critical infrastructure, but it's not clear which sectors are critical.

Could China blocking VPNs lead to spying on business?

An upgraded 'Great Firewall of China' can reportedly block the encrypted communications methods used by VPN systems.

Security experts warn of 'January Effect' cyberattacks

It's the most dangerous time of the year, say many tech security experts, who have noticed an upswing of hacking and cyberattacks around the holidays.

Cyberespionage is on a 'relentless upward trend'

Defense Security Service report says attacks were up 75 percent in one year.

Smart TV hack highlights risk of 'The Internet of Everything'

As the use of smart connected devices expands, so do threats because while they may not look like computers, they are.

PayPal phishing scams ramp up for holidays

'Tis the season to be careful. That should be no surprise. Given that the online holiday shopping season is peaking, cybercriminals would be expected to ramp up their efforts as well.


Hacktivism draws attention, but little action

The latest break-in at the International Atomic Energy Agency demonstrates that the public still doesn't buy criminal acts in support of "good causes."

Small-time ID fraud goes big time

A study by ID Analytics' ID:A Labs found more than 10,000 ID fraud rings, some of them led by career criminals, but a surprising number amounting to mom-and-pop operations involving friends and family.