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Security experts push back at 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' warning

The only effective defense is to 'build security in' from the ground up, critics say in response to DoD, DHS comments

Privacy experts criticize moves to sidestep IE10's default Do Not Track settings

Apache, Yahoo overriding tracking settings -- off by default -- in Microsoft's new Internet Explorer browser

Email scams stage comeback

Security vendors Sophos and Kaspersky Lab both warn of scam emails using the names of well-established companies to try to lure victims to malware sites. The scheme is obvious, or ought to be—the bad guys figure that if they use a trusted name, victims will trust the link.

Kaspersky's exploit-proof OS leaves security experts skeptical

Given statements from U.S. officials that the nation is facing a "digital Pearl Harbor," this sounds like the impossible dream come true -- the cyber version of a Star Wars force field.

Poisoned links plague Microsoft's Bing search

Malware-embedded images are the greatest threat on all search engines

Anonymous spokesman's YouTube meltdown led to arrest

Barrett Brown threatens to 'shoot and kill' government agents, but former attorney says the threats aren't serious.

Anonymous stumbles, but hackers still hazardous

The loose-knit group claimed a few breaches that weren't its work, but don't discount the hacktivist group's skill and power, a security expert warns.

Mysterious Font Left by Malware Befuddles

One thing's for sure, says expert: 'We have never seen a font installed by malware before.'

Gauss Threatens Malware Tool Boom, Security Experts Warn

Detection tools released this week for the latest descendant of the Stuxnet malware will not be effective for long.

Should Companies Hire Criminal Hackers?

'Ethical' hackers at Black Hat conference question the need to do so.

Cybercrime Defense: Think -- and Act? -- Like a Hacker

Security experts warn that "active defense" or "strike-back" techniques could escalate the battle with hackers.

Olympic Officials Brace for Hackers Competition

The Olympic Games may welcome the colors of the world, but an underground contest pits the white and black hats.

Legal Battle Over LinkedIn Breach Could Be Costly

In addition to legal costs, the social networking site's brand could be hurt if the case is not settled quickly

Do Automatic OS X Security Updates Signal a Sea Change at Apple?

Experts say the move is positive, but it's unclear if Apple has changed its often criticized stance on security.

Expert: Advanced Persistent Threats Can Be Beaten

Detection is key, but how you respond to APTs is equally important