Taylor ArmerdingCSO

LulzSec Hackers Down but Not Out

The real danger is less from hackers determined to keep their organization alive than from federal officials who "continue to pooh-pooh" cybercrime, investigator says.

Senators Attempt Compromise Cybersecurity Bill

Chances are slim of any movement given that the Presidential campaign is heating up.

Online Banking's Weak Security Link: Customers

Criminals know how to overcome banks' security, and now focus on customers who are not PC security-savvy, says security firm.

Will Voluntary Cyber Threat Sharing Plan Cast Doubt Over CISPA?

Administration may expand DIB CS/IA program to companies, but experts say some legislation is still necessary.

IPhone, IPad Become Apple of Cyber Criminals' Eye

Sheer iOS traffic is making Apple the lowest hanging fruit, Zscaler's State of the Web Report finds

Cloud Providers Need to Step up on Security

With businesses trusting third-party cloud providers with little scrutiny, the onus is on the providers to be transparent about risk

How a Cell Phone Busted a Hacker

The FBI tracked down Higinio Ochoa using geo-tagged photos, following the clues left by embedded data.

Google Drive Problem Is a Public Cloud Problem, Says Privacy Expert

The bottom line for enterprises: The public cloud is neither private nor secure.

Android Gets Bad Rap for Risk, Security Rearchers Say

Security experts defend Android systems against the growing reports of security vulnerabilities, which they say are real but over-hyped.

LulzSec Bust a Blow to Anonymous? Not So Fast

Security experts say it's too early to tell how much damage has been done to the hacking groups that operate under the loose affiliation of Anonymous.

Shylock Malware Returns, Refreshed

A security firm warns of a new variant of the malware that evades easy detection by shifting its file signature while it targets financial institutions.

The 15 Worst Data Security Breaches of the 21st Century

A look at 15 of the biggest data security breaches incidents in recent memory.

Hacker Suspected in Pentagon, NASA Breaches is Arrested

Razvan Manole Cernaianu is accused of revealing security holes and publishing information about SQL injection vulnerabilities in those agencies.