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Bugs and Fixes: MacBook Pro Oddities

Apple's latest MacBook Pro lineup has been getting rave reviews. And deservedly so. Of course, as with any new hardware, these models are prone to a few minor...

Bugs & Fixes: IPhone App Icon Mix-up

Imagine that app icons on your iPhone's Home screen decided to play a game of masquerade. You tap an app displaying the Bento icon but the MacGourmet app opens...

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Amazon Forces a Delicious Library Update

Back in June, Delicious Monster released an iPhone companion app to its Delicious Library application for the Mac. The app allowed you to sync the contents of...

Don't Worry If CoverScout Stops Responding

I own Equinux's CoverScout 3. It's a useful program for adding album cover art that may be missing from the songs in your iTunes Library. As a registered user, I...

Three Perplexing Printer Problems

The printer troubleshooting basics bombed, your print queue seems fine, but still your printer won't print. Here's how to deal with three stubborn problems:

Fix Printer Queue Glitches

When your printer won't print, sometimes you'll try the basics of printer troubleshooting with no results. Whether your printer's Dock icon bounces endlessly or...

Bugs & Fixes: Failure to Launch Bugs

This week, Apple released updates to its Final Cut and Logic products. (Macworld has extensive coverage of the new features in Logic as well as the Final Cut...

Printer Troubleshooting Basics

Printing a document is usually one of the easiest things you can do on a Mac. Select File -> Print, and you're pretty much done. That is, unless your printer...

Safari Bug Confounding Apple Support Searches?

Here's an odd little problem with no sure solution.

Bugs & Fixes: IPhone 3.0's Mystery Mail Bug

iPhone OS 3.1 has already been seeded to developers. Expect a public release in the next month or so. You can also expect the update to squash bugs that have...

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Bugs & Fixes: Tying up Loose Ends

Usually, I'm too busy writing up new material for upcoming columns to have much time to look back on what I've already written. Today, I'm taking that time. Here...

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Bugs & Fixes: IPhones That Are Too Hot to Handle

According to a report on the Web, a newly-released iPhone 3GS became so hot during normal use, that its white case turned a bit brown.

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Bugs & Fixes: IPhone 3GS Signal Strength Oddities

I warn you at the outset. This is not going to be one of those Bugs & Fixes with a neatly defined set of symptoms and a iron-clad solution. This one's a bit...

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV Deletes Files

You launch iTunes. It immediately recognizes that your Apple TV is connected and initiates a sync. Nothing unusual so far.

Bugs & Fixes: Fixes for ILife Problems

Two recent Apple articles offer solutions to potential problems with iLife software. Let's take a look at both.