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Gartner: 93 percent of all mobile apps will be free by 2016

Research companies also predict in-app purchases will be major revenue driver as worldwide mobile-app count hits 309 billion.

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The New PC Era: 8 Hot Laptop-Tablet Hybrids

These devices attempt to bring the best of the tablet and laptop worlds together in one portable package.

Google Researchers Expose Unpatched Flaws in Adobe Reader

Security researchers accuse Adobe of being to slow in fixing 46 reported flaws and recommend that users avoid Reader for now.

Aging Enterprise Networks Face Security Risks, Obsolescence

Majority of enterprise networks have outdated, misconfigured, insecure devices not up to the task of supporting BYOD and virtualization, a new study finds.

Hackers Twist Arm of Payday Lender

The Rex Mundi threatened to steal AmeriCash's customer data unless the payday lender paid them an "idiot tax" for leaving its server unsecured.

5 Very Cool (But Kinda Creepy) Mobile Technologies

Face recognition, voice identification, and augmented reality can enrich the mobile experience -- but they can also be abused in scary ways.

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8 Data Center Lessons From Facebook

From no-frills servers to free cooling, the Open Compute Project reveals the many secrets behind Facebook's high-efficiency data centers.

Flaw in Popular Mobile Apps Exposes Users to Identity Theft

Flawed mobile apps for Facebook, Dropbox, LinkedIn, and likely others save user authentication data as easy-to-swipe plain text files.

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Apple Protestors Darken New iPad's Big Day

Demonstrators spotlight Apple's alleged ongoing mistreatment of overseas workers.

Security Slackers Risk Internet Blackout on March 8

If feds pull down temporary network as planned, machines infected with DNSChanger Trojan won't be able to access the Web.

Google+ Struggles to Stay Relevant

Analysis: Facebook now boasts 1000 times more Web referrals than Google+, while Google lays out an unimpressive blueprint for its business pages.

Google+'s Business Pages Fall Short Against Facebook's

Google+'s inflexible platform and lack of integration with other Google services prove an Achilles' heel for newly minted Business Pages.

Games Won't Redeem Google+

Rather than dangling the same old Facebook games to lure users, Google should take better advantage of its rich portfolio of apps and service.

Apple Forces Competition to Abandon Metal Skin for UltraBooks

Thanks to Apple's stranglehold on the supply chain, its competition has no choice but to turn to fiberglass

New Breed of Mac Defender Skips Past Apple's Latest Patch

Apple and its customers must accept that Macs aren't bulletproof and are now worth hackers' time