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The Hottest IT Skills are Noncertified

Employers are paying higher premiums for IT skills that don't come with a piece of paper, though hands-on experience remains a big draw.

Geek is Hip, But Can Hurt Your Career

A Modis survey finds that Americans value geeks for the smarts and tech savvy but still view them as socially awkward

Mac Users Targeted by DIY Crimeware Kit

The world's first easy-to-use crimeware kit signals cyber criminals' growing interest in targeting Apple with malware

WordPress Hack Could Put Premium Users at Risk

WordPress maker Automattic reveals that hackers may have made off with sensitive bits of source code

Developers Rage After Facebook Blocks Google AdSense

Facebook is forcing developers to use lesser-known ad providers, a move developers say will be costly to them and to users

Cyber Vigilantes: Should We Cheer or Fear Them?

Hacktivists continue to demonstrate their ability to bend or break rules for the subjective greater good, but should they be embraced?

Feds Wrongly Links 84,000 Seized Sites to Child Porn

Imagine you're a law-abiding small business owner. You show up to find your shop door locked, with a sign saying the government has seized your business due to child pornography.

Feds Accidentally Seize 84,000 Innocent Domains, Link Them With Child Porn

Homeland Security overshoots as it takes down popular mooo.com domain alongside child porn sites

iPad Sales Push Apple to Top of the Mobile PC Heap

Shipping more than twice as many iPads as Mac laptops last quarter, Apple crushes rivals in mobile PC sales.

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Cheaper iPhones: Why Apple Might Risk its Brand Identity

Pressure from rivals and allure of developing world may drive Apple to gamble its rep on a lower-end smartphone.

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Study: Too Many Users Reuse Passwords

Comparing stolen login credentials for two different sites, researcher discovers password reuse rate as high as 50 percent

AMD is Ahead -- Thanks to Intel's Sandy Bridge Woes -- But Not on Top

AMD may be in a better position against Intel, but the real fight is against the mobile chip leaders

Apple Maintains Its Sanctimonious Streak by Denying Playboy

Company should let customers have the best possible user experience on their high-priced iDevices

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7 Wacky Products You Missed at CES 2011

From scent-replication devices to miniature candy, CES had its share of unexpected announcements.

Why RIM Booted an IM App

Analysis: What's the motivation behind Kik's ejection from BlackBerry systems?

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