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A Recipe for Google Chrome Pro

Facebook-friendly RockMelt offers a browser blueprint for Google Apps and Docs

Microsoft Surrenders Silverlight to HTML5 on Cross-Platform Front

Silverlight's new focus is on Windows Phones and niche apps that don't require support for multiple platforms

Is Google Intentionally or Accidentally Evil?

The online search giant claims ignorance and 'mortification' that it grabbed passwords and e-mails while facing lawsuit for selling user data.

Malware Convention -- Not a Good Idea

Analysis: MalCon's organizers say the security community can benefit from a showcase of malware techniques, but it's more likely that no good will come of such an event.

Oracle's Borg Strategy Continues

Assimilation continues, and now Oracle sets its phasers on "litigate" and aims at Google.

Hacker: Apple iPad Simply Not a Safe Platform

Goatse Security defends decision to publicize hole in AT&T's Web site in the name of national security.

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Google: Power to the People!

Just what is Google's aim in pursuing the right to buy and sell energy on the wholesale market?

Why Downloading Music Isn't Always the Greenest Option

Factor in end-user preference and behavior, and digital downloads aren't always eco-friendliest choice.

Does Apple Really Have the Greenest Notebooks?

Apple and other PC makers are overdoing it when they flash their EPEAT Gold to prove they're green.

Top Green IT Enterprises of 2009

These organizations attained both business and environmental gains through their sustainable IT efforts.

Dell Looks to Green Packaging to Save

Computer maker says the move to Earth-friendly packaging could save the company more than $8 million over the next four years.

Going Green in 2008

From the emergence modular data centers to the advance of green products, 2008 proved another strong year for green tech

Green Tech Should Weather Downturn

More companies are equating green tech with saving money, according to Forrester report.

Debunking PC Power Myths

Don't let misinformation prevent you from cashing in on PC power management.

Green Holiday Gift Guide

A wealth of presents await the eco-minded tech enthusiast.