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Ted Samson was a staff writer at InfoWorld.

A Recipe for Google Chrome Pro

Facebook-friendly RockMelt offers a browser blueprint for Google Apps and Docs

Microsoft Surrenders Silverlight to HTML5 on Cross-Platform Front

Silverlight's new focus is on Windows Phones and niche apps that don't require support for multiple platforms

Is Google Intentionally or Accidentally Evil?

The online search giant claims ignorance and 'mortification' that it grabbed passwords and e-mails while facing lawsuit for selling user data.

Malware Convention -- Not a Good Idea

Analysis: MalCon's organizers say the security community can benefit from a showcase of malware techniques, but it's more likely that no good will come of such an event.

Oracle's Borg Strategy Continues

Assimilation continues, and now Oracle sets its phasers on "litigate" and aims at Google.