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12 Tech Survey Topics That Should Die in 2011

I receive a lot of promotional e-mails that blast "new," "game changing" and "dramatic" survey results that relate to technology. Most of them don't say much.

10 Most Exaggerated Tech Terms

You're a "leading cloud expert" with a "robust solution" that will be "generally available" in "early 2011"? Sure you are.

Biggest Barriers to Business Analytics Adoption: People

Business analytics is atop most companies' apps wish lists. The business goal, of course, is to make sense of the enormous amount of data and information housed...

5 Signs There's Probably No Wi-Fi on Your Next Flight

No W-Fi for you! Here's how to tell if wireless Internet service is about as likely as a free meal on your airplane ride.

In-Flight Wi-Fi Turbulence: Travelers Reluctant to Pay

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