Thomas WailgumCIO

12 Tech Survey Topics That Should Die in 2011

I receive a lot of promotional e-mails that blast "new," "game changing" and "dramatic" survey results that relate to technology. Most of them don't say much.

10 Most Exaggerated Tech Terms

You're a "leading cloud expert" with a "robust solution" that will be "generally available" in "early 2011"? Sure you are.

Biggest Barriers to Business Analytics Adoption: People

Business analytics is atop most companies' apps wish lists. The business goal, of course, is to make sense of the enormous amount of data and information housed...

5 Signs There's Probably No Wi-Fi on Your Next Flight

No W-Fi for you! Here's how to tell if wireless Internet service is about as likely as a free meal on your airplane ride.

In-Flight Wi-Fi Turbulence: Travelers Reluctant to Pay

Passengers don't want to pay for in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity, according to In-Stat research. That's not surprising: Just look at the Wi-Fi hotspot experiences...

I'll Take That Bet: Sure Things in Tech

What's more likely: Reliable Wi-Fi at a conference or the real Kim Kardashian follows you on Twitter? Here are the odds of tech life, from the long shots to the sure bets.

10 Ways To Know You're in the Twitter Twilight Zone

Analysis: Too many tweeple go to some bizarre dimension when using Twitter. Here are my favorite examples of Twitter behavior gone wrong.

The Unsolved Mysteries Behind Mark Hurd's HP Dismissal

Hurd's sudden departure from HP was intended to avoid a PR fallout. But several facets of this story have yet to be explained.

RFID Tags Arrive on Store Floors

For the retailing industry, the adoption of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology this decade has been one long, strange journey.

Why People Love to Hate Their Office Printers

Who hasn't wanted to take a bat to their office printer? From confusing error messages to unfixable paper jams, today's office printer is a source of frustration and angst.

Office Printers: Why We Love to Hate Them

From confusing error messages to unfixable paper jams, today's office printer is a source of frustration and angst. This is why we hate you, office printer. And yet we can't quit you, either.

Starbucks CIO Brews Up Free Wi-Fi, Other Perks

CIO Stephen Gillett is no plain old IT order-taker. He's leading a new group developing even more in-store tech offerings.

How Steve Jobs Beats Presentation Panic

Steve Jobs had a serious and embarrassing Wi-Fi problem to deal with. How he coped is a model for how presenters should deal with stage crises.

10 Types of Coworkers No One Would Miss

Hit TV show "The Office" works for one good reason: Every office has a few crazy characters. Here's a look at the 10 types we could do without, from the etiquette-challenged to the lunch-crazed. Hey, if you're going to eat like that, Mr. Seagull, you're gonna have to live with the reputation.